Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time To Defund Planned Parenthood

The state of Texas, along with other states, are attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill.   Around 25% of all abortions performed in the United States are performed by Planned Parenthood, making them the largest abortion provider in the country.   Planned Parenthood implements around 300,000 abortions a year for 10% of their customers.   However, this $100 million gruesome business represents about a third of their total service fee income.   Planned Parenthood also gets around $400 million taxpayer dollars each year to fund their organization.  The rest of their billion budget comes from other service fees and donations. 

Texas has passed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.   Of course, Planned Parenthood wants to continue feeding at the trough and as such has sued the state of Texas demanding their money.   They are aggressively doing the same in other states.  For now, a Federal Court has issued a temporary cease and desist while the case progresses.  Texas has made it very clear, that if they are not permitted to defund Planned Parenthood, they will end the women's health program in the state altogether.  Ultimately, this is a another case that should go to the Supreme Court.   While taxpayer money is not supposed to be used to support abortions, it is baloney because this $400 million supports Planned Parenthood's overhead, which ultimately allows them to provide abortions. 

Abortion is such a contentious issues that no taxpayer monies should be going to support this heinous crime of infanticide murder.  Contrary to the left wing, lame stream media's assertions, the majority of Americans today are Pro Life.   If Socialists and the Hollywood types that support unlimited access to Abortion want to fund Planned Parenthood, they should write personal checks.   The rest of us should not be forced to provide one taxpayer dime to an evil organization we see as criminal. 

Our country is facing bankruptcy because of Socialist President Obama annual trillion dollar deficit spending.   We have to cut spending to achieve a balanced budget.   Funding for Planned Parenthood abortion mills is a great place to start.  Planned Parenthood supports unlimited access to abortion for minors without any kind of parental approval.   If allowed, Planned Parenthood would perform partial birth abortions.   Sadly, while Planned Parenthood may do some good related to poor women's health, their abortion mills are a crime against humanity. 

Socialist President Obama supports unlimited abortion and Planned Parenthood.   As such, we have to make Obama a one term President to prevent abortion from being used as birth control.   This is not a war against women as asserted by the Socialists; but rather a fight for the sanctity of life.  This issue is part of the cultural divide that exists within our country.   Socialists support infanticide.    And, while perhaps abortions should be permitted if a woman's life is really in danger, or in cases of rape or incest, let there be no doubt that this is still murder of an innocent baby.   /Today, the vast majority of abortions are implemented as a form of birth control.  Even writing this is sickening to this Blogger.   More than 20 million babies have been destroyed since Roe V Wade.   It has to stop.   

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