Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tragic Death Of Trayvon Martin In Florida

Travyon Martin, a 17 year old Black teenager was shot and killed in a gated community in Florida, by a security guard claiming self defense.   It will be a while before we know what really happened; but whatever happened this is a tragic and needless death.  In general, this Blogger supports the notion that anyone threatened with violence, particularly on his or her own property, has the right to use lethal force in self defense.  It remains to be seen if in fact this was the case.  Of course, what ever happened, the family of Travyon Martin has a right to be outraged, as do many who are protesting in the streets, demanding the arrest of the murderer, if he is a murderer. 

MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist News Broadcasting Corporation is portraying this murder as racially inspired, which usually translates into a "hate crime" requiring federal government involvement.   There is no proof that this was the case; but the fact is, the very notion of a "hate crime" is pretty ridiculous.  Any murder is by its very nature an irrational "hate crime".  It does not matter if the murderer is White, Black, Purple or Gay, or if the person murdered has any of these characteristics.   Ultimately, all who are murdered and all who murder have the same color blood that is often spilled.  Murder is murder and no matter who is murdered, or who the murderer is, the act itself is evil and should carry the same punishment regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.   The notion of a "hate crime" is just more left wing federal government intrusion and political correctness gone stupid.  

Those protesting the murder of Trayvon Martin have every right to be outraged; but I would ask where is the outrage related to Black on Black crime in the inner city as murders, often drug and gang related, happen every day.   Are those "hate crimes"?  I would think so if the concept is valid.  And, where is the outrage concerning the destruction of the Black family, caused by government Welfare programs, as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty.  Why don't we hear Black community leaders preaching the sanctity of marriage when all the data shows that children growing up in a two parent in tact family have a far better chance of success in life.  And, where is the outrage as teacher unions and Socialists prevent School Choice in our inner cities that would allow poor Black children to escape failing public schools.   Why don't we see thousands in the Black Community in the streets protesting these issues that impact them every single day of the year. 

In particular, the education issue is serious as Blacks generally experience unemployment that is double national levels, not because of discrimination as the left would have you believe, but because of poor education and lack of job skills.  The high school drop out rate in the inner city is very high.  And, many Black children in our inner cities grow up in a disproportionate percentage of dysfunctional families where learning is not valued.   Further, many inner city public schools are managed by incompetent administrators with poor teachers protected by teacher unions. 

Until this is corrected, which will not happen as long as teacher unions and Socialists control the education agenda, we will not see the focus, discipline and hard work needed to improve inner city public schools.  That is why School Vouchers, that would allow poor Black children to escape failing public schools, are so important to this discussion.  Instead, we are stuck with politically correct nonsense and a big government solution that has failed.    Where is the outrage in the Black community?    These people should be mad as hell. 

As a father of two sons, this Blogger sees Trayvon Martin's death as tragic.  And, if the security guard committed murder, he should be punished, perhaps even with the death penalty.   That is indisputable.  I am just perplexed when we see Blacks in the street protesting what is perceived to be police malfeasance, which may be justifiable; yet there are so many other serious issues that should stir the Black community and particularly their leaders to action; but it just does not happen.   90% of Blacks tend to vote for Socialists, yet it is Socialists that keep Blacks enslaved by big government dependence.   Trillion of dollars have been spent to alleviate poverty since 1965 and though many Socialists and Black Community Leaders have benefited greatly from government largess, the poverty rate in the US has not improved dramatically.   What we have are poverty pimps living off the fat of the land at the expense of the very people they purport to help. 

Today, we have 46 million Americans on Food Stamps, a record number, up from 26 million when Obama was elected.  Of course, not all of those people are Black; but a large number fall into this category.  Socialists may see that as a good thing related to taking care of their PEEP's; but it is really a tragedy in disguise.    Always remember, whose bread you eat, whose song you sing, which may be why many of these people vote for Socialists as their benefactors.  Yes, Trayvon Martin's death is a tragedy; but it is the tip of a huge iceberg in the Black community that is never addressed, or even discussed because it is not politically correct to speak the truth.  

When Black leaders stand up and talk about the real issues facing the Black Community, progress can be made.  Until then, we will continue to see Black on Black crime, poverty and misery in our inner cities and lots of people looking to place blame on others, rather than accepting personal responsibility, when in fact only they can control their own destiny.   Socialist President Obama will never be their savior, as Blacks might have hoped from his empty promises because government is the problem and rarely the solution.   Only when the Black Community takes control and responsibility for what is happening around them will they together solve their problems.  Sadly, it will not happen any other way.   

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