Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama At War With The Catholic Church

Socialist President Obama claims to be a Christian.   How would we know if that is true.   Obama went to Reverend Wright's church in Chicago and listened to Black Liberation Theology for 20 years.  Obama claimed that while there he never heard all of Wright's hate filled, anti-Semitic, racist proclamations.   Maybe Obama was day dreaming during all those sermons.  In any case, this Blogger does not believe that Obama is a Christian, Muslim, or any other religion.  Socialists, like Obama worship big government.  Government is their God.

President Obama is at war with the Catholic Church.  That should be no surprise to anyone because the lame stream left, wing media and Hollywood, Obama's PEEP's, have been at war with the Catholic Church for years because of Catholic opposition to abortion and gay marriage.  The most recent fight, insisting that the Catholic Church provide health insurance for their employees that pays for Birth Control and the Morning After Abortion Pill is just an extension of the culture war going on in our country.   The real battle here is all about abortion.  Socialists would like to see abortion covered under ObamaCare no matter what they say.   This Blogger, as a practicing Catholic, has made absolutely sure that the health insurance provided my employees by my company does not cover abortion.   Since we pay 70% of the cost, there is no way we will participate in infanticide.     

Whether Catholics use Birth Control, or not is irrelevant, the very notion that the federal government would force the Catholic Church to violate their religious beliefs, by providing these health benefits to their employees, is a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of religion.  This also technically should apply to business owners, practicing their faith, when they purchase health insurance for their employees.   This Blogger has drawn a line in the sand at abortion.   

This fight is not about Birth Control, which is readily available for free from Planned Parenthood, or at Wal Mart for $9.99 a month.   This fight is about religious freedom and federal government over reach.  Obama was advised by Vice President Joe Biden, a Catholic and others in his Administration, not to go down this road; but Obama is so desperate to motivate his PEEP's to vote for his reelection, that Obama decided to pick this fight.  Unfortunately for Obama, Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York City, the highest ranking Catholic in the United States and the other Bishops in America have drawn a line in the sand. 

Dolan is apparently up to the fight, actually doing interviews on TV, opposing Obama's attack on religious freedom.   In 2008, 54% of Catholics voted for Obama.   Catholics make up 28% of the population and in some swing states the numbers are even higher.   While the Catholic Church does not tell people how to vote; priests and Bishops are standing up for religious freedom during sermons.   Obama needs Catholic votes to win reelection.  It appears this time around many Catholics will end up voting for a Mormon.  Go figure.   Counting the days until November to make Obama a one term President.  Wish it could happen sooner; but we will have to wait for election day .   

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