Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sarah Palin - HBO Hatchet Job

In the most blatant hatchet job perhaps ever in a TV movie, HBO portrays Governor Sarah Palin as a stupid, deranged, lunatic having a nervous breakdown in the movie Game Change about the 2008 Presidential Campaign.   This movie was produced by actor Tom Hanks, who donates big money to Socialists, including President Obama; so the bias during an election year is no surprise.  The left wing, lame stream media did the same thing in the movie Iron Lady about Margaret Thatcher, who was depicted late in life with Alzheimer's rather than during her glory days on the world stage.   What do these two women have in common?

Both Palin and Thatcher were Conservative, tough women that Socialists and the left wing, lame stream media just love to HATE because of their popularity.  The only problem with these depictions is the actual history.   Sarah Palin was not at all incoherent during her run for Vice President.   Palin is also regularly seen on TV and has a good command of facts, figures and government policy.   If Sarah Palin is so stupid or deranged, how is that possible. 

Margaret Thatcher was perhaps one of the greatest, toughest Prime Ministers in British history.   Thatcher was a presence on the world stage for more than 10 years working with President Reagan to end Communism and bring down the Soviet Union.  Thatcher restored prosperity in Britain that had suffered from Socialist Schemes for years.   These are facts not fiction. 

The real message from the movie Game Change was that John McCain's campaign staff was completely incompetent.   And, John McCain, the RINO, was a lousy candidate; who though a war hero, ironically was not tough enough to win a Presidential election.   In fact, McCain would have done even worse had Sarah Palin, or someone like her not been his running mate because McCain brought no energy to the campaign.  John McCain was just an old man running for President against a Socialist who would do or say anything to win.   John McCain just never understood what he faced in Barack Obama, the Socialist Community Organizer and as such McCain deserved to lose. 

It should be no surprise that the left wing, lame stream media, which includes HBO continues to demonize Sarah Palin because she is a Conservative pro-life Christian woman with moral values.   That combination just does not fit the Hollywood mold.   The fact that Palin is very popular with a segment of the American people is a threat to Socialists and their supporters.  

It is no coincidence that this movie came out during the Republican primaries, since it was planned at least two years ago when there was a good chance that Sarah Palin might run for the Presidency.  These Socialist will do anything they can to destroy Palin, or more importantly to silence her.   The fact that Sarah will not leave the national stage is the reason the movie Game Change was produced.  

This left wing depiction of Sarah Palin is really about the culture war going on in our country.   Those of us that "cling to our guns and religion" and who are avidly pro-life and family are seen by Socialists and their left wing supporters as a threat to their left wing big government agenda.  This is the cultural divide that exist in the United States.  If our nation is to survive, we must win this cultural war by changing hearts and minds.   Thankfully, though the left wing media says otherwise, the majority of Americans are now pro-life and Conservative. 

We still have lots of work to do in order to sweep Socialists, at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office in 2012 and 2014 to take back our country.  We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  

In the meantime, if you subscribe to HBO, the cable channel that also broadcasts the Bill Maher show, it is time to cancel.   Vote with your money and when you cancel your subscription tell your cable company why you are getting rid of HBO.   We are interested in entertainment, not left wing propaganda.   The movie Game Change about Sarah Palin is just more left wing Socialist baloney.   This movie is nothing more than hate speech.  It is what it is. 

P.S.  To see the real story of Sarah Palin watch the documentary, The Undefeated.   You will see that Palin is a tough determined woman who is not going away any time soon. 

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