Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time To FIRE Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

Egghead Secretary of Energy Steven Chu should be FIRED NOW.   Chu is a Nobel prize winning physicist and radical environmentalist.  In testimony before Congress, Chu recently gave himself a grade of A in managing the Department of Energy.  What universe does this guy live in; certainly not the real world as we face gas at more than $4 a gallon.  This is the guy who initially said he wanted to see gas go up to $9 - $10 a gallon, like in Europe, so that solar and wind power could be feasible.  Now of course, as result of political pressure, Chu has developed convenient amnesia and no longer wants to see gas prices rise so high.  What a bunch of baloney.   

Steven Chu, along with all Obamanistas, including Socialist President Obama, are radical environmental ideologues concerning energy.  They oppose all current sources of carbon and nuclear based energy, clinging to their windmills and pipe dreams of green technology that are not feasible today and may never be able to power the US economy.   These characters are professorial eggheads that have never lived in the real world.   They deal in theory not reality.  

Obama now professes to support an all of the above energy policy claiming that he supports more oil drilling, natural gas, clean coal, oil and gas shale and nuclear development.  Obama is a convenient election year LIAR, plain and simple because for the last three years his Gestapos at the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency have done everything possible to stop, or slow down carbon or nuclear energy development, including stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline, preventing oil drilling in the gulf coast, closing down coal mines and Yucca Mountain that was supposed to be the nation's nuclear spent fuels repository.  In addition, Chu/Obama have closed federal lands and off shore to more energy development.  These are facts, not fiction during an election campaign. 

In addition, Steven Chu, as incompetent as President Obama, has mismanaged billions of dollars going to companies like bankrupt solar manufacturer Solyndra and many others supporting their crony capitalist contributors.   We can smell the corruption coming out of Washington all over the country.  In addition, SwindleUS monies have been used for these green projects all over the country and they have been a failure.   In this Bloggers's home town of Reno, the city was given $420,000 federal taxpayer dollars to construct 9 windmills to help power city buildings.  The savings has been a paltry $3,000 a year.  At this rate, it would take 140 years to see a return on this solar investment at a time when the city of Reno must lay off firemen.   This is crazy environmentalism gone wild.   

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and President Obama should be given a big fat F for failing to develop a long term energy plan to make the United States energy independent.  Instead of wasting money chasing windmills, if the federal government is going to invest money in energy development it should be to make carbon and nuclear based energy, both of which are plentiful; cleaner, safer and cheaper not more expensive.   The Environmental Protection Agency should be renamed the Environmental Solutions Agency in place to develop all energy sources, within the US, not hinder them. 

Secretary Chu should be FIRED Now.   We need a can do kind of guy at the Energy Department; not a can don't egghead Energy Secretary, which is what we have today.   Of course, this will not happen as long as Obama is in office, which is just one more reason we must make Obama a one term President.   Obama and his Socialist pals at all levels of government are a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any external enemy we have ever faced.  We have to take our country back in 2012 and 2014 to get our nation back on the right track.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation, standard of living and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  Both Obama and Chu have to go and the sooner the better.

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