Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obamanistas Want More SwindleUS Money

Former Chairwoman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, egghead professor Christina Romer and Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner are both arguing for more deficit spending and fiscal stimulus.    This is nothing new.  All Obamanistas want to continue borrowing trillions of dollars to take care of their PEEP's, those on the dole, those that pay no income taxes at all, illegal aliens, big unions, trial lawyers, radical environmentalists and crony capitalists, all feeding at the trough at our expense. 

The fact that Obama's Trillion dollar deficit spending SwindleUS Plans I, II, III and IV have done little to bring down real unemployment, currently at 15% or higher, stop the rate of foreclosures, stem the tide in housing depreciation, or reduce the number of Americans on Food Stamps, now a record 46 million people, does not seem to matter to these Keynesian Economists.   For Socialists, it is all about buying votes to win elections.  

Tim Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury has said now is not the time for austerity.  When is it the time for austerity?  Deficit spending, adding to our National Debt, has continued during good and bad times for years.  Our National Debt is now approaching $16 Trillion.   We have lost our Triple AAA Credit Rating, under Obama's management, for the first time in American history.    We have government intrusion into every aspect of daily life.   And, we recently learned that ObamaCare will cost nearly double what was projected, about $2 Trillion over ten years, which is no surprise since Socialists in Congress manipulated the numbers and simply lied to enact Socialized medicine.

The only way to achieve economic growth and job creation again in the private sector is to cut taxes and regulations and shrink the size of the federal government in an orderly way.   More government borrowing and SwindleUS money will achieve little more than a sugar high.   Government does not create permanent jobs.  Only the private sector creates permanent jobs that are based on free market capitalism and supply and demand, not artificial government stimulus that once gone actually results in higher unemployment.  

A PHD is not required to understand this reality.  It is taught in Economics 101; but wait a minute Socialist President Obama, who has never worked in the real world, apparently did not take and pass that course.   What a shame.  If Obama had just read Milton Friedman's book, Capitalism and Freedom, just 202 pages long, the President would know all he needs to know to actually restore economic growth and job creation. 

Unfortunately, this President studied Das Capital by Karl Marx, the  Communist Manifesto and other Socialist and Communist authors.   This must be true because Obama is an advocate of "redistribution of income" in the name of "social justice".   These are the words of Communists and Socialists not people who support free market capitalism.  It is true that Obama inherited a deep Recession.   However, Obama's economic policy and professorial theories have made it worse, causing the Recession to last longer and be deeper than it otherwise would have been with the right free market policies in place.  

If Obama would have just implemented an all of the above Energy Plan instead of subsidies for goofy green technology that is not feasible today, millions of Americans would be working now instead of collecting Food Stamps.  Millions more might not have lost their homes to foreclosure.  Sadly, Obama, though smart and attractive, has failed.  But then Jimmy Carter was believed to have the highest IQ of any President; yet he too was a miserable failure.   Success is not just about intelligence; but rather just plain only common sense.   

We must make Obama a one term President to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation.  For the first time in our history, the federal government has experienced trillion dollar plus deficits every year since Obama took office with no end in sight.  It is as though this President is intentionally attempting to cause the economic collapse of the United States.   We can't allow that to happen.  

We have to get out our check books and work very hard to sweep Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama and all his pals in Congress, out of office in 2012 and 2014.  These characters are a clear and present danger to our nation as bad as any external enemy we have ever faced.   We have to send these Socialist packing.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the meantime, tell your Congressman and Senators, no more SwindleUS Plans.   It is time to cut the size of government to no more than 17% of Gross Domestic Product.   We are currently at 25% under Obama.  To do otherwise is a road to the bankruptcy of our nation.  

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