Sunday, March 25, 2012

Radical Environmentalism & Common Sense

Most Americans, this Blogger included, are environmentalists, we are just not radical environmentalists that would destroy our economy in the name of being green.    This is about common sense and a desire to maintain a high standard of living for the American people.  Besides, many purported environmental schemes actually make matters worse related to carbon emissions and or other issues.  Government subsidized Ethanol is a prime example.  Corn is used to make ethanol, which actually results in higher food prices, since corn is also a primary food stock.  And, it takes more energy to make ethanol than it saves in pollution.    There are even some honest environmentalists that now say Ethanol is a bad idea.  

The Congress of the United States has banned perfectly good, cheap light bulbs.  Instead, in the next few years Americans will be forced to buy very expensive LED, or other light bulbs that are five times as expensive; but are supposed to last longer.  Tell that to the single mom trying to support a family when she has to choose between food and light bulbs.  In addition, these new more energy efficient light bulbs contain mercury, a poisonous substance that is a health hazard.   Mercury laden light bulbs cannot just be thrown in the trash when they burn out, or break.  As a result of the danger they pose, these new light bulbs must be specially disposed of in a way to be determined.  Just maybe local cities will have to send out the HAS MAT crews to take the bulbs away and or we will have to drive to special dumps and pay extra for disposal.   Where is the common sense in Washington.  

The best one is electric cars as though they run on thin air.  Electric cars, as currently developed, require an electric charge daily.  Mr. Obama in case you were not aware, electricity comes from power generating stations primarily fueled by coal and natural gas in the United States because cleaner nuclear facilities have not been permitted and built in years.  So to say that electric cars do not have a carbon footprint is ludicrous.   And, what is going to happen to all those batteries when they wear out.  No doubt, they will be deemed an environmental hazard.  I know, I know, these batteries can be stored at Yucca Mountain, the facility in Nevada built with $13 Billion of our hard earned money that was supposed to be nation's nuclear spent fuel repository and now stands empty because it is opposed by radical environmentalists.

And, then there is the Keystone XL Pipeline, which Socialist President Obama will not allow to be built because of radical environmentalist pressure.  This pipeline would have safely and cleanly carried oil from Canada to Houston refineries; again just common sense.    So now, since there is no pipeline, Canadian Pacific Railways will be happy to use their diesel powered locomotives, with all the pollution it will cause, to transport millions of barrels of oil each year from Canada to Texas.   Again, where is the common sense in all of this.  

Radical environmentalists, including Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, are such ideologues committed to green technology that they just can't see the forest for the trees.   We need to replace the Environmental Protection Agency with an Environmental Solutions Agency committed to safe, clean and cheap energy.  We need more research and development on both carbon and nuclear energy, both readily available, contrary to President Obama's lies to make them safer, cleaner and cheaper to spur economic growth and job creation and to insure our national security.   Green technology is fine if it worked; but it cannot power our economy today, or perhaps for years to come. 

It is time for an all of the above common sense Energy Plan that recognizes reality.  That will never happen as long as President Obama and his Socialist pals, at all levels of government, remain in office because they are held hostage to radical environmentalists, that live in a dream world of wind mills and solar plants.   We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to restore common sense and prevent the bankruptcy of our nation.   We have to sweep these Socialists out of office.  There is no other way.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  In the mean time, when you go to the gas pump and pay $4 or more for a gallon of gas, you can thank President Obama.  He told us his plan included higher energy prices.  This is one promise Obama has kept.         

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