Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama Blocks Keystone Pipeline Project - Again

Socialist President Obama twisted arms in the US Senate to stop the building of the Keystone Pipeline that would bring oil from Canada to refineries in Houston.  While 11 Socialists, fearing for their own election chances in 2012, ignored the President to vote with Republicans, with 56 votes in the affirmative to build the pipeline, they fell 4 votes short of the 60 needed to take the decision away from the President and move on with this vital project.  None of this should surprise anyone.  When running for the Presidency in 2008, Obama said that his Energy Plan would require the cost of all energy sources to rise dramatically.   This is one promise that Obama has kept.

So now voters, every time you go to the pump to pay $4 a gallon or more, you can thank President Obama for that "hope and change" he promised to bring to America.  You can also thank him for our trade deficit since each year we send billions of dollars to the Middle East and other oil producing countries, some of which are enemies to the United States and end up in Terrorists hands, when we could be energy independent if President Obama would just allow for the use of natural resources in our country.  

Obama talks about an "all of the above" energy plan for America; but the fact is that Obama will not allow oil drilling on federal lands.  In addition, Obama wants to impose new taxes on oil companies, which will just drive up the cost of gas in the United States.  And, Obama's gestapo agency, the EPA is doing everything possible to kill carbon based energy sources, most importantly, clean coal that powers many, many electric generation plants that will soon have to close because they cannot meet new EPA standards.  Further, it is almost impossible to get a nuclear plant approved.  In fact, Obama is a liar plain and simple when he speaks of an "all of the above" energy plan.   Obama is like Don Quixote chasing wind mills, literally.  The President really only support green technologies that are not economically feasible today.   Obama lives in a dream world that is turning into a nightmare for all of us. 

The election of 2012 and 2014 are as much about Energy as any other issue in America.  Forget about contraceptive drugs and other social issues that the Socialists and left wing, lame stream media are trying to stir up to win votes.  If we don't adopt an all of the above 50 year Energy Plan to make the United States energy independent, our country will be relegated to second class status and our people will see a decline in their standard of living.  This is a national security issue.   We cannot experience economic growth and job creation without cheap energy, which should be our goal.   That does not mean abandoning environmental concerns; but it does mean working to produce carbon and nuclear energy safely and cleanly and as cheaply as possible, while we continue research on newer technologies.    This is just common sense. 

None of this will happen as long as Obama and his Socialist pals remain in government, which is the reason we must sweep them all of office in 2012 and 2014.  We have to take back our country to enjoy prosperity again.   Most important, we must remove these Socialists from office to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation.  Energy Independence is critical to US growth and development and our status as a super power.  The fact that Obama has once again acted to block the Keystone Pipeline project is just one more reason we must make Obama a one term President.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   It is time to put on our hip boots to drain the swamp that is Washington DC.     

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