Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Choosing The Republican Vice President Nominee

If Governor Mitt Romney secures the Republican nomination for President, he will have to choose a VP running mate who is viewed as an unambiguous Social and Economic Conservative, since many in the Republican Party consider Romney a RINO.   It will be the only way to unite the Party.   Three attractive choices from swing states come to mind, each with their own pluses and minuses. 

The first choice is Marco Rubio, Republican Senator from Florida.   Rubio is Hispanic and Roman Catholic, which could be critical to winning Latino votes.   Marco Rubio, an attorney by education, is smart, articulate and made for TV.   Rubio could be a super star, who could help Romney carry Florida, which Obama won in 2008.   Rubio's Conservative credentials are spot on.  And, he is the son of blue collar immigrants, always a plus in states like Ohio. 

On the downside, while Marco Rubio had significant experience in state government, this is his first term in the US Senate.  On the other hand,  Marco Rubio has spent far more time in State government and the US Senate combined than Socialist President Obama, so we can conclude that Rubio actually has more experience to be President than does Obama.

Second choice would be Bob McDonnell, the sitting Governor of Virginia.  McDonnell, a born again Christian, served as Virginia's Attorney General before becoming Governor.  He too is smart, articulate and a natural on TV.   McDonnell has done a great job in Virginia.  Most important, Bob McDonnell is an unapologetic, well respected Social and Economic Conservative with a great family.   And, he comes from Virginia, a swing state that has been trending Republican; but that Obama carried in 2008.  Denying Obama a win in Virginia could very well be the state that makes Romney the next President of the United States.   This Blogger knows of no downside with Bob McDonnell

Finally, the third choice would be Senator Rick Santorum.  Santorum spent several terms in the House of Representatives and the Senate so he has the experience to be President.   Santorum, a Roman Catholic, is the grandson of Italian blue collar immigrants from Pennsylvania, another state carried by Obama in 2008.   Not exactly Latino; but he may be close enough.  After serving two terms, though Santorum lost his last race for the Senate by around 17 points, perhaps, Santorum can help Romney carry Pennsylvania.  

Pennsylvania has been trending Republican, as both the Governor and Senator elected in 2010, are Republicans.   If Obama loses Pennsylvania, the odds are pretty good that he will also lose Ohio and the Presidency.   Rick Santorum has a downside and that is that he is so Conservative and vocal on Social Issues that he would be a real turn off to some Independent voters, which is the reason this Blogger sees Santorum as a third choice option.  On the other hand, Rick Santorum is such a likable guy that he might work out just fine in the number two spot. 

Any one of these three potential VP candidates would be beautifully positioned to succeed a two term President Mitt Romney.   All three potential candidates are solid Social and Economic Conservatives.   All three potential candidates have picture book families.   All three play well on TV, which is mandatory.   All three are smart and articulate and will be able to beat the pants off old man, hair transplant, Socialist Vice President Joe Biden, in a debate assuming Obama keeps him on the ticket.   Most important, any one of these three potential candidates would help Mitt Romney unite the Republican Party, which he will absolutely have to do in order to defeat Socialist President Obama.

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