Monday, January 2, 2012

Imposing Serious Sanctions On Iran - Or War

In a last ditch attempt to avoid military action to destroy Iran's nuclear arms programs, the US Congress provided Socialist President Obama the power to impose serious sanctions on Iran that would prevent any company, or country doing business with Iran, from doing business in the United States.   Since all global companies and countries want and need to do business with and in the United States, the presumption is that this particular sanction regime will shut down the Iranian economy since Iran will not be able to sell its oil to foreign purchasers that would not dare risk their business ties to the US.   And perhaps, when the Iranian economy grinds to a halt, it will bring down the dictators in Iran.  Sounds good, huh!

Unfortunately,  Socialist President Obama succeeded in weakening this legislation in that the President has the unilateral power to grant waivers to countries, or companies as he so chooses that continue to do business with Iran.   If Obama does just that, these sanctions will become totally ineffective.   If that happens,  President Obama if reelected, or a new Republican President will be left with nothing but the military option.  If Obama does not adhere to both the spirit and the letter of the law concerning these serious sanctions against Iran, the likelihood of war with Iran, however short lived, in 2013 is great.   Whether with Israel and or other Allies, or on our own, the United States will be forced to destroy Iran's nuclear arms program and with it Iran's military.

The US can implement Shock and Awe from the air to destroy both Iran's nuclear arms program and its Air Force and Navy and all of its military installations within a week or two with a minimum number of US casualties.  We can bring down Iran's power grid in a matter of hours.   This will not destroy Iran's Army; but it will make it very difficult for them to attack US interests in the Persian Gulf, or our Allies.   Of course, there is always the threat of Terrorism sponsored by Iran; but that is happening now in Iraq, the Palestinian territory, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and other countries.  If we do attack, Iran is likely to fire missiles on Israel and perhaps other Arab countries; but those can be dealt with, for the most part, using our missile defense systems.   If we are forced to implement Shock and Awe on Iran, it will be devastating.   Hopefully, the Mullahs in Iran will blink to save themselves.  

Presumably, if we must take this action, it will be with the implicit support of Saudi Arabia, Iran's enemy, that will be asked to pick up the slack in oil production that will no doubt occur if Iran is immobilized.  The Saudis will cooperate because they don't want to see a nuclear Iran either.  Remember, Iranian Persians, that are Shia Muslims and Saudis, that are Arab Sunni Muslims, hate each other.  They have been enemies for centuries.  Hopefully, none of this will be necessary if Socialist President Obama follows through on serious sanctions.  

However, if President Obama waivers, military action is inevitable.   The day of reckoning is coming for Iran.  They must either give up their nuclear ambitions, or face certain annihilation.   No President, no matter how left wing, can allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.  The risk to our nation and our Allies is just too great.  It is just that simple.   Let's hope the Iranians don't miscalculate, thinking that we will never take action under any circumstances.   Saddam Hussein and Moamar Qaddafi made that mistake and they are both dead today.       

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