Sunday, January 22, 2012

Obama Celebrates 39th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

Socialist President Obama is celebrating the 39th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the Supreme Court Case that legalized abortion infanticide in the United States.  Under the premise of a woman's right to choose, millions of innocent babies have been murdered in the last 39 years.   To make matters worse, politicians like Obama has even supported partial birth abortion, the murder of a live baby, just prior to birth.   A nation that murders its innocent children with callous regularity has suffered a complete moral breakdown. 

A President that supports such murder to win votes from left wing Americans, that are part of the ME generation, has no moral compass and should be considered evil.   Socialist President Obama is wrong on many issues; but support for unlimited abortion on demand murder is the most heinous of Obama's  policies.   The Bible says God knew you before you were you so that means before conception.   Abortion murder is a criminal act in violation of God's creation.   The innocent life that God has created, no man or woman should destroy. 

It is no coincidence that Planned Parenthood, that receives about $500 million in federal government support each year, has its abortion mills in the inner cities.   Planned Parenthood, that purports to provide counseling on woman's reproductive rights, performs about 350,000 Abortions a year.  Abortion is big business in the United States.   Most Abortions are performed on poor minority women.  You would think that vocal Minority leaders in America would be outraged by what is happening in their communities; but since they support Socialists without question, including President Obama, not a word is said about Abortion that is murdering minority children.   It is just plain criminal.

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation, by sweeping Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.   Aside from the economic issues facing our nation,  Socialists have also contributed to the moral decline of our country.   Abortion is a crime against humanity.   And, while Abortion may be justifiable if a mother's life is truly in danger, or perhaps in cases of incest or rape, (though it is still murder),  Abortion on demand, as a form of birth control, should be completely illegal. 

Women and Men have choices.   They can use birth control that is readily available.   They can just say NO to unprotected sex.  But once a child is conceived, their choices end because a parent's right to end a child's life is not a matter of timing, whether in or out of the mother's womb.  Life is life.   Ending a viable innocent life at any age is murder. 

We have got to take back our country in 2012 and 2014, which includes the protection of innocent human life.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our child, both unborn and born, and our grandchildren.   While President Obama celebrates the 39th anniversary of Roe V. Wade that legalized abortion, we weep for the millions of innocent babies, murdered by Abortion, that could have been our next generation. 

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