Thursday, January 12, 2012

Michelle Obama - Angry Black Woman

First Lady, Michelle Obama has complained that some people in America, including some in her inner circle, have portrayed her as "an angry Black woman".   The reality is that in a recent tell all book about the Obama's, Mrs. Obama has been portrayed as an aggressive personality, calling the shots, at the White House.   Why would that surprise anyone.   Michelle Obama is an attorney that had a career of her own before Socialist President Obama was elected.  

Of course, once Obama was elected to the US Senate, Mrs. Obama's salary doubled, or tripled to several hundred thousand dollars a year for part time work for a major hospital in Chicago.  Gosh, I wonder why suddenly Mrs. Obama was worth so much more once her husband was elected to the US Senate.   Do you think there was a connection?  Well dah!

In any case, Michelle Obama is more like Hillary Clinton as First Lady, rather than either Barbara or Laura Bush.   Michelle and Hillary, both attorneys, are and were actively involved in government policy as First Lady's.   While Mrs. Obama is very attractive and appears to be a great Mom, it is clear that she is not baking cookies in the White House.   So what!   

This Blogger's problem with Mrs. Obama is not her radical activism, which should be expected given her background, intelligence and experience, or that, as reported, she may have been verbally abusive, mean and demanding to White House staff members, but rather that she made the statement early on that the first time she was proud of America was when her husband, Socialist Barack Obama, was elected President.   That statement was the end of Michelle's Obama's sweet heart relationship with the American people.

The people of the United States have invested blood and treasure to fight for liberty around the world.  Together we have built the greatest nation in human history that is today threatened from within; yet Mrs. Obama stated that the first time in her life she was proud of America was when her husband was elected to the Presidency.   That statement was an indication of Mrs. Obama's hatred of the country that has given her a privileged life.  What else could it be?  Remember, the Obama's went to a church in Chicago for 20 years with a racist minister that regularly cursed America.  That says a lot about the Obama's feelings about our country.

Further, Mrs. Obama has been tone deaf to the plight of the 25 million Americans that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether when she and her husband jet off to expensive vacations, at tax payer expense, to places like the Spanish Rivera in Europe, or even Hawaii every year.   Or, when the Obama's have a secret Halloween Party, complete with movie stars, at the White House that no doubt cost millions of dollars.  The Obama's are certainly living high on the hog at taxpayer expense.  The Bush's never did any of these things.   Even the Clinton's vacationed close to home in the United States. 

Is Michelle Obama "an angry Black woman"?   Who cares!  Like her husband Barack Obama, Michelle Obama is a left wing, Socialist, activist who supports bigger, more intrusive government into every aspect of daily life.  Mrs. Obama's campaign to tell us what we should eat is none of her damn business.  The Obama's are spending our money to live the good life when we have a $15 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight.   That makes this Blogger an angry White Man, committed to sweeping the Socialist Obama's out of office in 2012, not because they are Black; but because they are bankrupting our country.     

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