Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ronald Reagan - A Man For All Ages

Many in our country this week are celebrating the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, 39th President of the United States. As someone who experienced Ronald Reagan personally, I see now that Ronald Reagan was a man for all ages. Reagan came on the national stage during the 1964 Republican Convention that nominated Senator Barry Goldwater as the Republican nominee for the Presidency. While Goldwater was defeated resoundingly by Socialist Lyndon Johnson in 1964 and Goldwater began the Conservative movement in America; it was Ronald Reagan that made it happen.

Ronald Reagan went on to become a successful two term Governor in California a few years later. Reagan showed his metal in California as he dealt with the hippies in torn jeans, most of whom came from rich families, protesting the Viet Nam War on college campuses all over California. Reagan sent in the National Guard to restore order on college campuses and laid down the law. Since Reagan was Governor while I was at Cal State, this blogger has Ronald Reagan's signature at the bottom of my first university degree that was granted in 1971. At the time, I did not think much of it because no one could have predicted then that Reagan would go on to become one of our greatest Presidents. Today, I treasure that signature.

This blogger voted for Socialist Jimmy Carter in 1976 and regretted it for Carter's entire, miserable four years in office. Ronald Reagan came along in 1980, the first time I voted for a Conservative and the last time I ever voted for a Socialist, to make Carter a one term President. Reagan took the oath of office in January, 1981 and it was at that precise moment that the American hostages, held in Iran, were released. The Ayatollahs in Iran knew that when Reagan was elected, there was a new Sheriff in town, which he signaled after his election the prior November. Clearly, the dictators in Iran did not want to mess with Ronald Reagan and neither did anyone else in the world.

Ronald Reagan was brilliant in his simplicity. Reagan supported free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and less regulation and a strong national defense. That was it. Coming out of the Viet Nam War, the nation was experiencing self doubt; but Reagan knew better as he rebuilt our military that had been hollowed out during the Carter years. It was "morning in America" again during the Reagan Presidency. And, Reagan was tough. While others tip toed around Communism, Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as the "evil empire". And then, Reagan conspired with Pope John Paul to bring down Communism in Poland because he knew it would be the domino that would end Communism in Eastern Europe and eventually within the Soviet Union. So without firing a shot, Ronald Reagan defeated Communism and brought freedom to millions of people.

The left wing media, Socialists and Communists around the world, including in the United States,hated Ronald Reagan then and they hate him today. Reagan was referred to as a dangerous, stupid cowboy and derided by the Eastern Establishment because he did not graduate from Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Rather Reagan came from Illinois, the heartland of our country and then headed West. Worst of all, Reagan was an "actor" so they concluded that he was just reading a script while President, rather than writing the script. We all know better today.

All Presidents since Ronald Reagan have been small by comparison. Certainly, Socialist President Obama, young, inexperienced and naive is no Ronald Reagan and never will be. While Obama is smart and articulate, he does not have the real life experience and geo political understanding necessary to be a great President; that's for sure. Obama predicates his decisions, policies, actions etc. on failed, academic Socialist ideology, which is a road to no where. Rather than morning in America, with Obama, we have high unemployment and an ever expanding federal government that seeks to intrude into every aspect of our lives.

As such, and with Ronald Reagan as our model, we must make Obama a one term President, just like Jimmy Carter, by electing a real Conservative. We will never see economic growth, job creation and morning in America again as long as Obama is President, so he has to go in 2012. We can do it. We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Ronald Reagan is watching from heaven above. We are going to make Obama a one term President for the Gipper.

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