Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama & The Rioting Mobs On Our Streets

Socialist President Obama is guilty of inciting riots on our streets around the country.  The result has been violence, injuries, murder, rape and destruction of property.   The Socialist and Communist Mobs on our streets are there as a result of Obama's Class Warfare Hate Speech designed to divide our country like no time since the Viet Nam War.   In a desperate attempt to win reelection by dividing our nation, President Obama has identified his enemies list, the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country and refuse to pay more, "greedy" corporations, that happen to employ millions of Americans providing good paying jobs and benefits and of course the carbon and nuclear based energy industry.   

In addition, even though Socialists in government are as responsible for the financial collapse as the banks and Wall Street because it was Socialists that demanded that mortgage loans be provided to their PEEP's, even though they did not meet normal mortgage qualification requirements,  Obama now seeks to portray banks and Wall Street, that donate to his election campaigns, as evil which is now leading to anti-semitism on our streets.  The reality is that it was corrupt, now bankrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that funded both these mortgages and the campaigns of Socialists that led to the financial collapse; yet Obama makes no mention of his pals at Fannie and Freddie that are being paid millions in bonuses with tax payer money.     

Former Countrywide Mortgage CEO Angelo Mozilo used to provide preferential mortgage interest rates and "deals" to his friends, including many politicians like former Senator Chris Dodd, who was supposed to regulate the financial services industry.   People who got preferential treatment were called the "Friends of Angelo".   Mozilo is gone, however, the same system is now in place with one big difference.  Today, we can refer to the "Friends of Obama"; those getting rich on crony capitalism, big unions, trial lawyers and environmental wackos.   Mozilo gave out low interest mortgages with low fees.  Obama is giving out billions of tax payer monies to his PEEP's, as pay off's for campaign contributions.  Go figure. 

So we see the Socialist and Communist Mobs on our streets that are the result of Obama's Class Warfare Hate Speech.  Unlike those of us in the Tea Party that protested to get less government and lower taxes, the bums on our streets are angry at Obama because they want more entitlements, basically more free money at our expense.  The students in the angry crowds want their student loans forgiven at taxpayer expense.  The big public employee unions that are behind the riots want to continue feeding at the trough earning 20 - 40% more in compensation and benefits than is typical in the private sector at tax payer expense. 

Yes, Socialist President Obama has inspired these riots.   But, when you ride the back of the tiger, you some times end up inside.   Hard working people in this country that pay all the income taxes in the nation are not too keen on seeing these lazy bums on our streets.   Certainly, Conservatives and Republicans will never vote to reelect Obama.  But more important, Independent and old style Reagan Democrats are not about to vote for Obama either.  In fact more than 75% of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction under Obama's leadership.   Is it any surprise.

Given the high unemployment rate, high foreclosure rate, high price of gas and food, why would any American other than Obama's PEEP's, those that pay no income taxes, those on the dole, public employee union members, trial lawyers, or environmental wackos vote for Obama.   Even blue collar union members certainly should see Obama as a job killer since the Obama Administration is doing everything possible to hinder the development of energy resources in our country costing millions of good paying, often union jobs.  It is these Reagan Democrats that will not for vote for Obama again.  These union members clearly see that Obama is not their friend after all.  

We need stability, not chaos on our streets, to get our country back on the right track.  Socialist President Obama has been the most divisive President since Franklin Roosevelt.  Obama's Class Warfare Hate Speech and enemies list is a road to riots on our streets.   The Socialist and Communist Mobs on our streets have the right to protest just like all Americans, but they don't have the right to interfere with commerce, or to destroy property.   When that happens, it is time to send in the riot police and hall them all away to jail.  

Obama and his Socialist pals in government are responsible for the riots on our streets.   This is just one more reason we must make Obama a one term President in 2012.   Obama is a one man wrecking ball destroying our economy and our country.   We are counting the days until November, 2012.   Election Day can't come fast enough.       

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