Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 Months Until EV Day

As of this November, we have just 12 months to go until EV Day; that is Election Victory Day.  That means that those of us committed to sweeping Socialists, at all levels of government, including President Obama out of office have just one year to make it happen.  And, we must also be aware of the 40 RINO's in the House of Representatives and a few in the Senate running for reelection that have signed a letter joining with 60 or more Socialists agreeing to raise taxes as part of a deficit reduction scheme.  The answer to paying off our National Debt was the Cut, Cap and Balance Ryan Budget passed by the House of Representatives that cut $6 trillion in spending over ten years and finally tackled entitlements, not raising taxes to fund more Socialist Schemes.  

The Ryan budget is the appropriate response to Socialist trillions in deficit spending and trillions in new tax increases that will only add to our National Debt.   We must always remember that Republicans, including Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush were duped into raising taxes in exchange for significant spending cuts.   We got the higher taxes; but never got the spending cuts that were supposed to come in future years.   The same thing will happen once again if tax increases are approved with spending cuts that are supposed to happen ten years from now.   IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.   This is just another Socialist Scheme.   Republicans have been played for fools in the past.   We can't let it happen again.

We do need both tax and entitlement reform.  The flat tax plans being proposed by various Republican Presidential Candidates make sense.  And, we must raise the retirement age, for full benefits, for those under 55 years old to 68 years old.  Medicare should be means tested for all recipients, even those currently in the program.   Forget about AAAP, in it to make money and nothing more and their commericals threatening senior citizen reprisals.  Those that can afford to pay more should be paying more for their health care, particularly since for most Americans, Medicare contributions over a life time, only covers about 50% of the cost.   Let's get real, shall we. 

Ironically, only the "rich" have actually really paid for their Medicare coverage, since unlike, Social Security, there is no cap on Medicare contributions.   So someone earning $1,000,000 a year has about $30,000 a year going into the system to pay for future Medicare coverage.   In fact, like always, the rich have paid and paid and paid more than their fair share.  So be it.  Those that can afford to do so should be paying up to 50% of the annual Medicare premium each year, if it allows poor senior citizens to pay nothing.  Yes, it is redistribution of income to fund a specific benefit; but life won't end.   

However, specific to any actual tax increases, rather than just adjusting rates to impact a neutral outcome, no Republican should vote for an actual tax increase without a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment in place.  If history is our teacher, which it always is, without a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, we will get the tax increases and then Socialists and RINO's will just continue more deficit spending and wasting our hard earning money to buy votes.   We have seen this story before and without Constitutional protection, we will have the same outcome as before. 

We must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by sweeping Socialists at all levels of government, including President Obama, out of office.   The fate of our nation is at stake.  We have just one year to impact the elections of 2012.   That means supporting Conservatives with maximum donations, blog postings to get the word out, walking precincts and insuring that we don't see a repeat of the ACORN voter fraud that occurred in 2008 when Obama was elected.   We got the job done in 2010; but now we must go further.  

RINO's should be challenged and defeated in primaries to send them packing.   Then we must retain the House of Representatives and take back the US Senate to get rid of Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, as majority leader.  Most important, we must make Obama a one term President as a vital interest of the American people and nation.   We must send this Socialist President back to Academia, or perhaps Obama could be elected as the President of the European Union.   They like Socialists in Europe.   Frankly, this Blogger does not care where Obama goes as long as it is not back to the White House, or any other government office, after the 2012 election. 

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