Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dealing With Illegal Aliens In America

The subject of Illegal Aliens keeps coming up during Republican Presidential Debates.  In fact, this topic continues to be controversial as Republicans seek a solution that is not Amnesty; but can appeal to Latino voters.   The reality is that there are about 12 million Illegal Aliens in the United States.   We can only say "about" because no one really knows for sure how many Illegal Aliens there are in our country.  There may be many more. 

But let's assume the number is 12 million.   There is no way we are going to deport 12 million Illegal Aliens.  It is not going to happen so perhaps we should focus on the things that can happen.  The following Plan in the sequence listed makes sense:

1.  We must secure our border once and for all to stop Illegal Aliens, Drug Runners and Terrorists from entering our country.  A nation that cannot control its border will not remain a nation for long.   Nothing else should be done until the border is secure. 
2.  We must enact a Constitutional Amendment that makes it very clear that going forward only children born to an American mother are natural born American citizens.   The US is one of few countries in the world where someone can enter a country illegally, have children and those children automatically become citizens of that country.   These anchor babies have to stop because they are a magnate to come to our country illegally. 
3.  If not executed for a violent crime,  any Illegal Alien of any age that has been convicted of a crime should be immediately deported after serving their jail sentence in an American Prison.   If they come back to the US and are caught, it should result in life in an American prison. 
4.  Any adult illegal alien, unmarried, with no American children should be deported and again if they come back arrested and put in an American prison for five years and then deported once again.   If they come back again and they are caught, it should be prison for life.
5.  Finally, we get to Illegal Aliens that have children, born in the United States, that under current law are American citizens.  They should pay fines for violating our laws.  The parents should be given a green card and allowed to apply for citizenship, through the normal process, waiting in line, that often takes years provided they can support their families.     While waiting in line if a parent serves in our military, for at least three years, they should be given automatic citizenship upon honorable discharge.
6. We need a guest worker program that would allow foreign nationals to enter our country to work with legal status for fixed periods of time.   Under no circumstances should these workers be given Green Cards, or any other legal status.   If they otherwise violate our laws while working in our country, they should immediately be deported and never be allowed to enter our country again under and status.

No doubt there are other permutations that must be considered; but this Blogger has dealt with most circumstances in this listing.   This approach recognizes reality.   Under this approach several million Illegal Aliens, married with American children, would be permitted to remain in our country, with legal status, while millions more would be deported.  This is not Amnesty; but rather just common sense and a recognition of reality.  

Socialists in government, including President Obama will never agree to a reasonable plan that does not provide Amnesty to all 12 million Illegal Aliens in our country, which is one more reason we must sweep them all of our office in 2012 and 2014.   We cannot afford to be Mexico's safety valve to benefit the 38 families in Mexico, with all the wealth, that control that country.   The Republican Party must advance solutions related to Illegal Aliens that will have broad support, even among Latinos in the United States.   The plan described by this Blogger is just common sense.   It is time for the Republican Party to advance a plan to deal with Illegal Aliens that is logical, humane and that recognizes reality.   It is what it is.   

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