Saturday, November 19, 2011

Give Governor Rick Perry Another Look

Have you noticed that whenever a Conservative Republican rises in the polls to challenge RINO Governor Mitt Romney that the lame stream, left wing media does everything conceivable to destroy that individual.  Herman Cain has been attacked because of bogus Sexual Harassment charges.   Newt Gingrich is now being attacked because of his personal history.   And of course, Governor Rick Perry was attacked because of a few gaffs during relentless debates.   Forget about the debates and give Governor Rick Perry, a true Conservative, another look. 

It is becoming pretty clear that the lame stream, left wing media wants Mitt Romney to be the Republican nominee for President for two reasons.   Since Romney enacted RomneyCare in Massachusetts, that was the model for highly unpopular ObamaCare, it will be harder for Romney to attack Socialist President Obama on this issue.  And, since Obama is vulnerable and may not win reelection, the lame stream, left wing media would prefer Romney, a historical flip flopper in the White House, who might just flip again on entitlement reform, ObamaCare, Cap & Trade and Abortion.   Look if Mitt Romney, a born again Conservative, gets the Republican nomination,  Fiscal and Social Conservatives will have to hold our noses and support him; but clearly Conservatives in the Republican Party continue to seek out the Romney alternative because we do not trust him to be a real Conservative.  And, who could blame us given Mitt Romney's history as a flip flopper. 

Governor Rick Perry's is advancing thoughtful Plans in keeping with real Conservative ideas.   Perry's 20% personal income flat tax plan, which maintains the mortgage and charitable deductions and generous exemptions to protect families and the poor, is spot on and will lead to a fairer, flatter tax system and an economic boom.  Perry's plan to bring the corporate income tax down to 20% and get rid of capital gains, dividend, estate and taxes on Social Security benefits will help restore economic growth and create millions of jobs again in our country.   Perry supports a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment and will work to balance the federal budget and end deficit spending to get our country back on track and prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  As Texas Governor, Perry understands the illegal alien problem at our border and is committed to securing the border once and for all. 

In addition, Perry's Energy Plan will make the United States energy independent and create millions of jobs.   Since Obama was elected President, our country has lost 1,529,000 manufacturing jobs as a result of high taxes, big union demands and environmental wacko regulations.  To be fair, this trend has been happening for more than 30 years.  Those jobs are  never coming back, which is the reason we must have a thriving energy industry producing jobs that cannot be off-shored.  Since Rick Perry comes from Texas, he gets it and will make it happen.   And, Rick Perry unlike some other Republican Candidates is not afraid to use the "S" word referring to President Obama as a Socialist.   Obama is what he is.   As a straight talker, Rick Perry does not mince words. 

Governor Rick Perry came from nothing and is completely self made.  Perry did not even live in a house with electricity until he was 9 years old.  His parents were poor tenant farmers in Texas so Perry has some dirt under his finger nails.  That might be the reason Perry got a degree in Agricultural Sciences.  This Eagle Scout spent five years in the military flying jets all over the world to support our armed forces.  Governor Rick Perry is a happily married, Christian, with grown children and no scandals.  If there was any monkey business in Perry's background, it would have come out during various state wide elections and the ten years Perry has served as the successful Governor of Texas, the longest sitting Governor in Texas history.  Perry is right on the issues and has a personal history that will sell in America.   It is time to take another look at Governor Rick Perry for the Republican nomination for the Presidency.   Forget about the debates and just listen to the man when he speaks.  As a Conservative, you will like what you hear.   

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