Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday - Great For China & South Korea

Every year, there is a lot of hoopla about Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when retailers open in the middle of the night luring shoppers into stores with great "deals".    It is called Black Friday since it is the beginning of the holiday shopping season and said to be the day that retailers actually enter the Black, after losing money in the Red, for the whole year before then.  

This year retailers believe shopping will be up by 10% as 152 million Americans go shopping during the three day weekend after Thanksgiving.  Given the economy, not sure why retailers are so optimistic; but it would be good if it happens.  Even the Occupy Wall Street Mobs are on the streets protesting at Big Box stores this weekend in between shopping with their credit cards.   After all, those students in the Mobs need new I Phones to communicate during their protests. 

Of course, since very little in our stores, other than food, is manufactured in the US any more, Black Friday is really great for China, South Korea and other countries where most of our clothing and electronics are made.   As far as this Blogger knows, all flat screen TV's are made overseas.   All Apple products are made in China.   Most computers are made overseas.  These are all big ticket items.   Too bad they are no longer made in the United States as a result of high taxes and regulations and unions that drove this high value manufacturing off shore years ago.  Textiles, clothing and furniture are no longer manufactured in the US either.   Remember the movie Norma Rae, staring Sally Fields, when good old Norma helped organize a union in a clothing factory and we cheered for her.   While Norma got the union alright and then the factory moved to China where Ling Ling has her job. 

Global competition is brutal and not going away any time soon.   Low skill factory jobs are never coming back to the US.  But even worse, major American companies now have thousands of employees in India doing knowledge work.   Each year more than a million smart, young kids graduate from Indian universities ready, willing and able to do back office work that propels them into the Indian middle class with salaries of $600 a month.   The big accounting firms have Accountants in India actually doing American tax returns earning $1,000 a month.   Since information can be zoomed around the world in a click, back office work really can be done any where. 

So while American shoppers flood our stores during Black Friday each year buying all sorts of consumer goods made overseas, we are experiencing a complete transformation of our economy that has been happening for 30 years.   Yet, our elected representatives and particularly Socialists in government, including President Obama, really don't get any of this.   Or if they do get it, they continue to perpetuate the big lie to their PEEP's to win elections that these jobs are just around the corner with one more SwindleUS Plan.   It is not going to happen if we don't deal with the fundamentals.

We must implement a 50 year Energy Plan that includes more oil drilling and development of clean coal, nuclear energy, oil and gas shale, natural gas and renewables to make energy cheaper, not more expensive, so that we do not have to send billions of dollars to the Middle East every year to buy oil.   This will create millions of good paying jobs as the foundation of our economy. We need to simplify our personal and corporate income tax codes to spur investment.   We need to cut the size of government to lower taxes to leave more money in the private sector to grow our economy.   We must get rid of onerous regulations that makes it nearly impossible to manufacture in our country.   We must manage unions that continue to kill jobs.  Finally, we must reform our public schools to insure that kids either graduate from high school ready to go to university, or to under take vocational education to leave school with a marketable job skill. 

Until all of these things happen, we will not see economic growth or significant job creation again in America.   Instead, if these things don't happen, we will see the bankruptcy of our country and the decline of our nation into second class status.  But, these common sense things will not happen as long as Socialists, including President Obama remain in office, which is the best reason we must sweep them all out of office in 2012 and 2014.   Our nation and standard of living are at stake.   We are at the tipping point. 

We have to elect real Conservatives, not RINO's, who get all of this.   We cannot continue business as usual.   We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to get our nation back our track.   There can be no compromise with Socialists or Socialism since it has brought us to a $15 Trillion National Debt. 

We have to take back our country.  We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.    We have to get down to business and I don't mean the kind of business that is happening on Black Friday.  I mean nation building once again; but related to our own country.   We have to fix the fundamentals to restore economic growth and create jobs in America.   It will not happen any other way.   

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