Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perry Versus Obama - It's About Experience Stupid

There is a pretty good chance that Governor Rick Perry of Texas will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.   Unless Hillary Clinton jumps in to challenge failing Socialist President Obama, which is looking like a possibility, Obama will likely be the Socialist candidate for the Presidency.   It will be a very interesting contest all about experience.   Obama has none.   Rick Perry has a long list of accomplishments.  Obama was a university law school professor, Community Organizer, State legislator and US Senator for a very short time.   The reality is however, that Obama can point to no real accomplishments. 

Yes, Obama will have been President for four years before facing re-election; but that has not gone too well.  In fact, Obama has been a dismal failure as President, really Jimmy Carter II.   The economy under Obama's management is a mess.   Obamanistas in the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Labor Relations Board have been busy killing jobs.   ObamaCare is opposed by the majority of the American people.   Obama's Justice Department, under Eric Holder, is a joke.  All and all, it will be very difficult for Obama to point to any meaningful accomplishments as President.  Of course, to Obama's PEEP's, the 50% of Americans that pay no taxes at all, those on the dole, public and other union members, illegal aliens and companies that benefit from big government and crony capitalism that contribute to Socialist campaigns, Obama will always be their guy.   Clearly, those feeding at the trough will support Obama, even those he has been a complete failure, no matter who the Republican candidate happens to be.   Let's face it, these freeloaders will never bite the hand that is feeding them. 

Governor Rick Perry on the other hand can demonstrate years of accomplishment and experience.   Born to a poor family of tenant farmers, Perry is completely self made.   Perry was a top gun air force pilot for five years flying C-130's all over the world to support our military.   Perry is not a member of east coast elite; but instead graduated from a real world university, Texas A & M with an Aggie degree.  Perry then went on to serve in Texas state government for years and in fact has been the longest sitting Governor of Texas, the second largest state in the union, for the last ten years.   Most important, Perry has presided over the Texas miracle as Texas has continued to experience significant economic growth and job creation for the last ten years. 

What Perry did not do is almost more important than what he did do.  Governor Perry did not turn Texas into a high tax and high regulation state, which is the primary reason Texas has prospered as blue states, run by Socialists, have continued to lose jobs.  If Governor Perry is the Republican nominee for President and Obama is the Socialist nominee, there will be a real contrast between these two men.   Perry knows what it take to stimulate economic growth and job creation because he has done it.   Obama doesn't have a clue how to grow the economy.   There will be a clear choice in 2012.  

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