Friday, September 16, 2011

Eleven Reasons Obama Is Bad For America

There are many reasons Socialist President Obama is bad for America.   Let me count the ways:

Reason One:   Obama is a divider not a uniter.  In Obama's class warfare world, those making more than $200,000 a year if single and $250,000 a year if married are "rich".   It does not matter that these might be hard working, well educated professionals, or small business men and women who work 7/24, since these people make more than Obama's PEEP's, those that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, illegal aliens and some union members, though there are many union members making very good money,  the "rich" are to be milked for their wealth to redistribute their income to Obama's PEEP's in the name of "social justice".   As such, Obama is not the President of the United States, he is the President of his PEEP's, which also includes companies benefiting from Obama's crony capitalism that contribute to Socialist campaigns. 

Reason Two:   Obama is at war with the private sector.  Obama is the most anti-business President since Franklin Roosevelt.  Obama believes in big government Socialist tax and spend schemes to solve every societal problem, rather than free market capitalism.   Socialists tolerate Capitalists only because they too must be milked to redistribute the wealth they create to give to Obama's PEEP's.   And, in Obama's world, Capitalists that create jobs are evil people taking advantage of his PEEP's, that should be paid more money to work less, even though Obama's PEEP's often have no education, or job skills.   Since businessmen and women are evil in Obama's eyes, they must be regulated as the only way to control their evil, greedy tendencies and activities. 

Reason Three:  Obama practices crony Capitalism.   Green companies are given government subsidies to compete with "evil companies" particularly in the energy sector.  Obama's other friends like the big banks and GE are given bail outs.  We now see scandals emerging as Obamanistas have provided billions of dollars to their company friends in bail outs and subsidies and in return those same companies have contributed hundred of millions of dollars in a quid pro quo to Socialist campaigns.   Obama's Gestapos, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Labor Relations Board are used as enforcers to reward favored companies and punish companies that do not support Socialists.   The EPA is out to destroy the carbon and nuclear based energy sectors while rewarding "green technologies" that are not feasible today.   This is all about picking losers and winners rather than allowing free market capitalism to prevail.

Reason Four:   Obama's Energy Plan, by design, will substantially increase the cost of energy to the American people.   Since energy is included in the cost of everything, this lunacy will lead to high inflation and a lower standard of living for all Americans.   Obama supports oil drilling in Brazil with American subsidies, as a means of redistributing American income to an emerging power; but not oil drilling in the US, or the oil pipeline that should be built now between the US and Canada.   At every turn, Obama's EPA does everything possible to make it difficult for oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy companies to do business in the US, which is killing millions of jobs.

Reason Five:  Obama will never secure our border with Mexico, which is allowing drugs, Terrorists and more illegal aliens to enter our country.   In fact, Obama is doing everything possible to undermine our current immigration laws, fighting state efforts to enforce those laws.   The failure to secure our border is undermining our national sovereignty and contributing to the bankruptcy of our nation. 

Reason Six:  The Obama Justice Department often fails to enforce our laws related to illegal immigrants, Terrorists and various crooks, feeding at the trough, that are bankrupting our country.   Eric Holder, the Attorney General, should be fired for his involvement in providing guns to narco traffickers in Mexico that has led to the murder of our border patrol agents. 

Reason Seven:   Socialist President Obama is owned, lock, stock and barrel by public employee and other big unions.  As are result, Obama has grown the federal government to 25% of GDP, the largest level since World War II.   Obama is doing this to reward his public employee union PEEP's with jobs that pay 20 - 40% more than is typical in the private sector.   At the same time, Obama's National Labor Relations Board, run by Obama's appointed Socialists and Communists are doing every thing they can to advance labor union interests in the private sector when the NLRB is supposed to be an impartial arbiter between business and labor. 

Reason Eight:  Obama is a job killer, which is the reason unemployment continues to grow in the US.  As a result of Obama's actions and executive orders, there are now 25 million people, about 17% of our working age population, that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or who have just given up looking for work altogether.   Over 40% of these people have been unemployed for a year or more.  The Congressional Budget Office is projecting no change to this unemployment rate for years to come as a result of Obama's policies. 

Reason Nine:  ObamaCare is the most intrusive expansion of government in the history of the United States.  ObamaCare seeks to control one-sixth of the US economy and dictate our health care access.   ObamaCare will bankrupt the United States and it must be REPEALED. 

Reason Ten:  President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are bankrupting our country.   The President has contributed more than $4 trillion to the $15 trillion National Debt in just his first 3 years in office with no end in sight.   Obama's trillion dollar deficit spending SwindleUS Plans I, II and III failed to  create jobs.   And now, Obama is proposing a $450 billion SwindleUS Plan IV, to again pay off his PEEP's, that will also be a failure.  Enough is enough. 

Reason Eleven:  President Obama is viewed as weak and incompetent overseas.   Obama is leading from behind, which is no leadership at all.  Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism.   Obama sees the United States as just one more nation in the world, rather than the greatest nation in the history of the world.   In many ways, Obama actually supports the demise of the United States.   Obama is prepared to surrender our sovereignty to global government.   We can't let that happen.  We now have to depend on the Russians to support our space program as a result of Obama's decisions.  Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress would hollow out our military given the chance in order to keep their PEEP's on the dole.   There is something very wrong with this picture.   

Clearly, the eleven reasons listed by this Blogger should be enough to convince the majority of  the American people that we must make Obama a one term President in 2012 and at the same time sweep his Socialist pals at all levels of government, that are bankrupting our country, out of office.   We must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 because Socialist President Obama is bad for America.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  

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