Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Obama's New/Old Plan To Create Jobs - Underwhelming

Word is starting to leak out related to Socialist President Obama's New/Old Plan to create jobs that he will unveil on Thursday and it looks like it will be underwhelming.   Obama wants to spend around $300 billion to extend the payroll tax cut for another year, extend unemployment benefits beyond the current 99 weeks, give more money to government union employees, provide a tax credit for hiring someone unemployed, put billions into public works projects and extend a tax break to allow for the full deduction for the value of new equipment in the year of purchase, rather than the more typical useful life.   In other words, it is same old, same old that has failed for three years to create jobs.  If this turns out to be the plan, many Socialists will scream bloody murder because they wanted another trillion dollar deal.  Ironically, Republicans might go for it because it is so little money.   Of course, Republicans will demand other cuts to fund it. 

To be candid, $300 billion in Washington DC is chump change.   Obama will not propose much more because he knows he will never get it through Congress and he does not want another National Debt Ceiling fiasco.   Former Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has banned the use of the word Stimulus since Obama's trillion dollar SwindleUS Plans I, II and III were a complete failure.   So assuming that Obama follows the party line related to Pelosi's orders, the President will not refer to his New/Old Plan as a stimulus plan.   Obama will probably call it a Jobs Plan just to make it look like he is doing something, even if it is nothing.   The reality is that this plan will do absolutely nothing to create jobs; but it will be another good speech and photo OP for Obama's PEEP's.   Remember, we are nearing an election year so this is no surprise. 

Here are the reasons why Obama's Plan will fail to create economic growth and jobs.   It is true that giving the typical employee an extra $1,000 in 2012 in the payroll tax cut may stimulate some purchases; but that is not enough money to make a huge difference.  Besides some people may use the money to pay down debt since credit card interest rates are usurious.  Paying down existing debt will do nothing to stimulate economic growth.  Next, there are all kinds of studies that conclude that extending unemployment insurance from the normal 26 weeks to the current 99 weeks has actually caused many not to take jobs considered beneath them.   Many economists believe that this extended benefit has actually added a point to our unemployment rate.   So while this may seem heartless, it is time to stop these extended unemployment benefits because they are counter productive.   And, spending even more money on government union employees in a another state bail out, when we need to cut bloated government, not to mention public employee compensation and benefits that are bankrupting country, is just plain crazy.   Sure, it is pay off to Obama's union PEEP's; but WE THE PEOPLE just can't afford any more crooked bail outs and pay-offs. 

Spending more money on "shovel ready" public works projects did nothing to create permanent jobs and there is no such thing as a shovel ready project anyway, as Obama recently admitted.  As the owner of a global company I can say that we have job openings that require specific experience.   The unemployed do not have that experience, so a tax credit for hiring the unemployed does us absolutely no good.   In fact, there are 3 million job openings in the US.  Obviously, if the unemployed who tend to be poorly educated with little or no job skills, could have filled those jobs, it would have happened by now.  Finally, companies have laid off many employees during the Obama Presidency because of the economic mess we face.   We are sitting on loads of equipment so new purchases will not happen any time soon just because there is a tax credit in Obama's Plan.  Obama's New/Old Socialist Scheme will not work.

Socialists just don't get it.  To create economic growth and jobs again in the United States, we need major corporate tax reform, a 50 year energy plan to make the US energy independent, limits on tort liability, more reasonable employment practice laws, reining in the environmental wackos, national right to work laws, repeal of ObamaCare and in general a business friendly environment with certainty.  Socialist President Obama has been the most anti business President since Franklin Roosevelt.   Obama is pursuing the Roosevelt New Deal Socialist playbook, which failed to lower unemployment during the Great Depression, instead of the Reagan playbook, which resulted in the growth of 22 million jobs.  

The majority of Americans know we are on the wrong track and they are right.  President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are leading us on a road to nowhere with 25 million Americans either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or who have just given up looking for work altogether.   Many have been out of work for a year or more because of Obama's job killer policies. 

And while we face this economic mess, these Socialists continue to attack Tea Party Members calling us Terrorists, Barbarians, Racists, Unpatriotic and now even Sons of Bitches because President Obama is a failure and he just can't run on his record of no accomplishments.   So Socialists can do nothing better than to attack those of us calling for fiscal sanity and constitutional government.  You can bet that the elections of 2012 and 2014 will be the dirtiest in American history because Socialists including their PEEP's, those paying no income taxes at all, those on the dole, union members, illegal aliens and companies benefiting from crony capitalism are in a state of panic.   Obama's PEEP's, all feeding at the trough, see the gravy train coming to end when we sweep these Socialists out of office.   

Socialists are right.   The gravy train must come to and end, not out of some malicious or racist intent; but because our country is facing bankruptcy.   Yes, patriotic Americans are going to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to get our country back on track.   We will see Socialists in the streets as we take away their goodies; but it must be done.   It is already happening in states like New Jersey, Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin where Republican Governors are attempting to enforce fiscal sanity. 

We must elect common sense, rock solid conservatives in 2012 and 2014 with guts to get the job done.   We have to take back our country to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We can do it.   We must do it to once again experience economic growth and job creation.  Obama's Socialist Schemes are a road to poverty and misery, which is the reason we must make Obama a one term President and sweep his Socialist pals out of office at all levels of government in 2012 and 2014.  Our country hangs in the balance.   We have to clean out the barn to end the smell and corruption and get our house in order. 

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