Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rick Perry & Mitt Romney - Play Nice Please

It is important that those seeking the Republican nomination for President of the United States not violate Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment; thou shall not speak badly of another Republican.   Watching Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, the presumed front runners, snipe at each other during Republican debates, is painful because instead they should be totally focused on Socialist President Obama.   And, second tier Conservative candidates out to destroy Perry are only helping Mitt Romney, the more liberal Republican in the race, secure the nomination.  

Perry is wrong on his illegal alien position to provide in-state college tuition to illegal aliens; but that position represents the majority position in Texas.   Romney is very wrong on signing RomneyCare for Massachusetts because it was the basis for ObamaCare.   Romney can never live that down with Conservatives.   And, Romney is viewed as flip flopper on key issues like the right to life.  Romney is also playing the Socialist game related to criticizing Perry on Social Security.  It is what it is.   Either Perry or Romney would be far preferable to Socialist President Obama.

Specific to the debates,  this Blogger has spent 32 years in Sales and Consulting.   As such, I know how to say Yes without making any commitment and say No without offending the people across the table.   I also know how to think on my feet in a way that is smooth as glass from years of experience.   Mitt Romney has those Sales skills, not just because he has run for President before; but because of his business experience.   Clearly, Rick Perry does not have that experience and it shows during debates.   Perry is also a little to Texas hokey.   Perry should stop with all the Texas stuff.   We know where he lives.  What Rick Perry does have is significant experience at successfully governing the second largest state in the nation.   And, Texas is a microcosm of the nation in its diversity.  

Perry can take credit for not screwing up the Texas Miracle related to job creation.   Many of the suburbs that are now thriving master planned communities in North Dallas and parts of Houston did not exist 30 years ago.   There can be no question that Texas is a success story by any standard.   Romney was a successful governor by Massachusetts standards; but that is not saying too much.   Romney was more successful as a businessman than as Governor, so score one for Romney.   Either way,  Romney or Perry can beat Obama, provided Republicans, including our candidates, keep our eye on the prize.   Now is the time to build the Republican Party in each state to deliver critical states to the Republican nominee, who ever it turns out to be. 

In addition, this story will not be over until the fat lady sings because after John McCain, the Republican Party changed the rules related to the primaries, which are no longer winner take all.   That means that each candidate will go to the Republican Convention with their share of delegates.   If the front runner does not have a majority of delegates going into the Convention,  he or she, will have to cut a deal to get the votes needed to secure the nomination.   That means that the top two candidates are likely to be on the ticket, even though Marco Rubio, could be a better choice to secure Latino votes.   If that happens, it will unite the party, which is a good thing provided the top two candidates don't bludgeon each other in the primaries.   So, Republican candidates, please practice the 11th Commandment.   It is Socialist President Obama that should be the target of our disdain, not other Republican candidates. 

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