Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Governor Romney - Those That Live In Glass Houses

Governor Mitt Romney, in his attack on Governor Rick Perry to secure the Republican nomination for the Presidency, has made a big issue of the fact that the people of Texas and more specifically Governor Perry supports providing in-state college tuition for illegal aliens that have spent the prior three years in a Texas high school.   This blogger questions what illegal aliens are doing in our schools anyway; but that is a broader issue and another story.   There is one big problem with Governor Romney's assertion and it is going to back fire on Romney.   It turns out that all illegal aliens in the state of Massachusetts are eligible for RomneyCare.   Score a big one for Perry. 

So the fact is that ALL illegal aliens in Massachusetts get health care, presumably at state expense, while a small number of illegal aliens in Texas can go to a Texas university, if they pay the same rate as other Texas residents.    As soon as the Perry team finds this out, if they don't already know it, this will explode on Governor Romney like a pinata over Romney's head.    Those that live in glass houses should never cast the first stone, particularly when Romney's transgression is far worse. 

Let's face it.   US taxpayers are spending billions of dollars each year to support illegal aliens in our public schools,  hospitals, jails and specific to the criminal justice system.    The United States is Mexico's welfare system.   And, though Mexicans in particular work very hard after they do enter the United States illegally, it is ridiculous to conclude that they pay in more than they take out of the system.    In fact, it is estimated that the real cost of employing an illegal alien, is not the minimum wage that they are often paid; but more than $20 an hour when all real taxpayer costs are included.   This blogger wonders, would uneducated Americans, with little or no job skills, take the jobs worked by illegal aliens if the pay was $20 an hour.    We will never know as long as we have more than 12 million illegal aliens in our country and our border is not secure.

Today, we still have drugs, illegal aliens and Terrorists entering our country because Socialist President Obama and the Obama Justice Department refuse to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws.    Remember, Obama is suing the state of Arizona for enforcing our immigration laws, which is the real story.   Governor Rick Perry and Texas taxpayers are spending about $400 million a year to secure our border; but without federal government support, it will never happen.   Perry has said unequivocally that if elected President, he will put the boots on the ground to secure our border.  

The reality is that the US Army should be on our border to shut it down.   We can do it if the will is there to make it happen.   We have to do it because cost to support illegal aliens and dealing with the crime that is the result of an open border is contributing to the bankruptcy of our country.   In addition to being a national security and sovereignty issue,  we just can't afford to be Mexico's welfare system any longer.  

Clearly, we have to figure out what we need to do with illegal aliens already in the United States.   Any illegal alien that violates our laws should not be in our jails, they should be deported and sent to Mexican prisons.   That one is a no brainer.   We have to amend our Constitution to make it absolutely clear that children born to illegal aliens are not automatically American citizens.   We are one of few countries in the world that allows this to occur and it is just plain dumb.   We then need to look at illegal aliens with American children (born prior to the Constitutional Amendment) and offer them some path to citizenship with fines.   And then, based on the number of years in the US, we should deport others in our country less than five years.   Provided there is no criminal record and there is a record of self support, those in our country more than five years should be given a path to citizenship, over some number of years, with fines.   Obviously, we need some common sense, logical, sequential approach to dealing with the illegal alien issue. 

However, none of these things should occur until we SECURE OUR BORDER.  That will never happen as long as Socialists, including President Obama, are in power, which is another good reason we must sweep these characters out of office in 2012 and 2014.   We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.    The debate between Governor Romney and Governor Perry specific to illegal aliens is a side show.   It is time to offer big ideas to solve big problems.  

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