Monday, June 4, 2012

Becoming Mitt Romney's Foot Soldiers

In order to make Socialist President Obama a one term President, we must all become foot soldiers for Mitt Romney to convince our friends, relatives and neighbors to vote for Romney.  Actually, Mitt Romney is a pretty easy sell.  Mitt Romney has great experience in business and government, integrity, and family values.  Romney's record of success, as a job creator, that has made him rich, which is a plus not a minus.  

We see what we got with Obama, the Community Organizer and Law Professor.  While Obama is book smart, his lack of experience, or accomplishments in business or government just means that Obama does not know what he does not know, which makes him a clear and present danger to our nation.  So when you speaking with others to convince them to vote for Mitt Romney, just use the Obama fact sheet below. 

1.  Obama is a Class Warfare Socialist who does not support free market capitalism, our economic system that has created more wealth for more people than any other system in human history.  Socialism has only led to slow or no economic growth, government dependence, misery, poverty and in some cases murder.  History is always the best teacher and that is the history of Socialism where ever and when ever it has been tried in the world. 
2.  Obama has added $5 Trillion to our $16 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight, more than any other President in American history, which is bankrupting our country and will lead to the loss of our national sovereignty.
3.  25 million people are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or they have just given up looking for work altogether.
4.  46 million Americans are on Food Stamps, an increase of 26 million since Obama took office. 
5.  The Foreclosure Rate is the highest in American history since Obama was elected. 
6.  ObamaCare will result in higher medical premiums for most Americans and a cut in benefits.   ObamaCare will also result in rationing of medical care.  ObamaCare raised taxes by $500 billion and cut Medicare to Seniors by $500 Billion. 
7.  Obama's Gestapo's, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Labor Relations Board are run by left wing radicals that are destroying jobs.
8.  Obama's Justice Department is actually doing things to support voter fraud and illegal aliens entering our country by challenging various states trying to deal with these issues.  Obama also refuses to take the necessary action to secure our border.
9.  Obamanistas have added 11,000 new Regulations by Executive Order to intrude into all aspects of personal and business life.  Many of these Regulations are job killers. 
10.  Obama borrowed and spent about a Trillion Dollars on various SwindleUS Plans; yet unemployment has remained at 8% or higher for 40 straight months. 
11.  The Federal Government under Obama has grown to about 25% of Gross Domestic Product when it should be no more than 18%.   Obama has done this to hire more dues paying public employee union members to support his campaign at our expense.   These public employees are usually paid 40% more in total compensation and benefits than is typical in the private sector for similar work. 
12.  Obama has no meaningful energy plan, which is the reason the cost of gas and utilities continues to go up.
13. Obama supports unlimited access to abortion, including heinous partial birth abortion and even for minors without parental approval. 
14.  Obama is a tax and spend, big government left wing politician that supports intrusion into all aspects of daily life.  

In a nut shell, the 14 items listed are all good reasons to make Obama a one term President.   Obama has been a complete failure due to his lack of experience and Socialist ideology.   As a result, we have to make Obama a one term President.  This Blogger makes this case any time and every time I speak to people, whether in person, or in my new radio segments on Nevada Matters, America Matters, or Situation Report all Fox New Affiliates. 

We must become Mitt Romney's Foot Soldiers to take our country back in 2012 and 2014.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   The talking points listed above are the facts.   Please copy this Blog Posting on to your friends, neighbors and relatives.   Get the word out to make Obama a one term President. 

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