Friday, June 8, 2012

Dealing With Public Employee Unions - Common Sense

Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt was completely opposed to unions and Collective Bargaining rights for public employees fearing the end result we see today.  Public Employee Unions have used political contributions to extract total compensation and benefits, from their Socialist political benefactors, that is often 40% higher than is common in the private sector for similar work.  So much so, that these compensation packages, including exorbitant pension schemes, are bankrupting the states and contributing to the bankruptcy of the United States.   All of this has led to corruption at all levels of government.

We have to eliminate Collective Bargaining for all public sector employees and further prohibit any kind of political donations from any union, or association of public sector employees to end the vicious circle of corruption that exists now.   Government employees can contribute to politicians, as individuals, as they so choose to exercise their freedom of speech.  In place of Collective Bargaining, government should simply bench mark middle market companies; those with $10 million to $1 billion in revenues to determine appropriate compensation and benefits for government employees.  

Certainly, it is absurd that government employees should earn more than the typical taxpayer supporting them.  By pegging government compensation and benefits to those paid by middle market companies, rather than Fortune 500 companies,  a reasonable level will be established that is in keeping with common sense and sound fiscal management.  This process would make Collective Bargaining unnecesary. 

Further, while government employees should be free to form associations for whatever purpose they choose, as is the right of all Americans,  there are already laws on the books governing employment practices, so government workers really do not need any further protections again than would be common in the private sector.  This would mean elimination of gold plated pension plans that for the most part no longer exist in the private sector.  Instead, government employees should be in the Social Security system and be eligible for 401K contributory plans as is common in the private sector, just like all the rest of us that pay their salaries through our taxes. 

Socialist President Obama is proposing more SwindleUS money as part of his "jobs program" to support government employees and their exorbitant compensation and benefits to prevent lay offs at the state level.  Of course, this is just another pay off to the public employee unions contributing to his campaign.  The reality is that if their compensation and benefits were simply brought in line with what is typical in the private sector, there would be no need for lay offs.  Common sense will never prevail as long as Socialists remain in office, which is the reason we must sweep them all out of government, at all levels, including President Obama in 2012 and 2014.   We have to stop all the feeding at the trough by public employees that is happening today at our expense. 

We have to take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States and a loss of our national sovereignty.   As part of this process we must end Collective Bargaining for public sector employees.   We can do it.  We must do it, as has been done in Wisconsin, to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  We don't want the United States to turn into bankrupt Greece and other European Countries with civil strife on their streets.   We need to put on our hip boots and drain the swamp in Washington DC and many state capitals and that also means dealing with public employee unions once and for all. 

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