Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pakistan - No Friend To The US

It is time to cut off US monies going to Pakistan.   Since 2002, we have provided Pakistan more than $20 Billion in aid, presumably to support their military.  Given rampant corruption in Pakistan, it is probable that a good chuck of this money is now in the Swiss bank accounts of corrupt officials.  That said, we have not been able to buy loyalty from the Pakistani government.   Pakistan continues to harbor Terrorists on their border with Afghanistan who are killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.   This has to stop.   

Despite the $2 Billion a year that we give Pakistan, their government is now practicing extortion related to military shipments that pass through Pakistan to Afghanistan demanding thousands of dollars for right of passage for each shipment.   There is evidence that Pakistani officials knew very well that Osama Bin Laden was living in Pakistan, just a stone's throw away from the equivalent of Pakistan's West Point.   And, then we see now that Pakistan has sentenced the Pakistani doctor who helped identify Bin Laden to 33 years in jail for an act of treason.   If Pakistan was truly our ally, how could this happen. 

It is time to get tough with Pakistan and end aid altogether.  Of course, the drone strikes killing Terrorists any where we find them in Pakistan should continue.  But, we need to go further in isolating Pakistan by joining forces with India and other surrounding countries to defeat Terrorists in Pakistan.  Pakistan is a radical Islamic country with nuclear weapons, not much different than Iran.   Pakistan has sold nuclear technology to both Iran and North Korea.  Terrorists based in Pakistan have attacked India and are active in Afghanistan.   The reality is that the friend of our enemy must surely be our enemy. 

We can't sugar coat our relationship with Pakistan any longer.   Pakistan is not a friend of the United States, or any of the other countries in the region.  Given that they have nuclear weapons, we should do what we can to diminish their military capabilities, not expand them.   To do so, we should assist India with becoming the super power in the area, both as a deterrent to Pakistan; but also as a counter weight to China.  Pakistan is no friend to the US.   As such, we must deal with them accordingly.   It is time to walk softly; but also have Pakistan feel the big stick of the United States.

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