Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking Back Our Country In 2012 & 2014 - Choices

In 2010, we began to take back our country by electing Conservatives to Congress.   WE THE PEOPLE took back the House of Representatives and made big gains in the Senate.   We saw the product of our work this week as Tea Party Conservatives stood firm to insist on commensurate spending cuts to raise the National Debt Ceiling.   Does anyone believe this would have ever happened if we had not had a tremendous victory in 2010?  Yes, the "deal" to cut $2.4 trillion in spending is just a down payment on what must be done to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation, but at least it is a start.  

The Socialists in Congress are hyperventilating over this "deal" even though it is peanuts in cuts.   Vice President Joe Biden referred to the Tea Party members of Congress as "Terrorists"; so much for comity.   That comment is pretty funny given that Socialists usually refrain from calling real Terrorists, Terrorists.   Socialist Vice President Biden can't help it.   Born with a foot in his mouth, Biden often makes stupid remarks.   

In any case, this Blogger would like to congratulate Republicans in Congress for beginning the process of shrinking government; but the job is clearly not done.   In order to reach a balanced budget and pay off our National Debt, we must cut another $8 trillion over the next ten years by reforming entitlements, reducing the size of the civilian federal workforce by 500,000,  eliminating redundant federal programs, departments, agencies and commissions and bringing federal compensation and benefits in line with private sector practices.   We must rebuild an opportunity society to create more hard working Makers, rather than growing the number of Takers feeding at the trough, living off the fat of the land.  We need more tax payers, not higher taxes that can only come from pro-growth economic policies.  WE THE PEOPLE can't rest until we get the job done.  We can do it.   We will do it. 

And, while getting our fiscal house in order must be a top priority, we also need to get our values house in order.  To be clear, this Blogger is not a prude; but we have crossed so many lines in movies and television related to a constant barrage of violence, murders and all sorts of sexual perversion, that for the good of society, we must insist on higher moral standards, not through limiting freedom of speech; but through what President Lincoln called "moral suasion".   We must use that same "moral suasion" to convince the majority of people in the United States that all life is precious and that unrestricted abortion is just plain evil.  We must emphasize what is right in America, particularly the family traditions that are the foundation of our nation,  rather than glorify what is wrong with America. 

There is hope.   On a recent episode of The Glee Project, on the Oxygen cable channel, being used to select new cast members for the highly successful TV show Glee, a talented Conservative Christian young man, with a girl friend, committed to celibacy until marriage, literally walked away from the opportunity rather than participate in sexually motivated scenes requiring that he kiss other cast members.  This violated the kid's value system.   The writer of Glee, who is obviously Gay, was clearly interested in casting this kid as the only Christian Conservative on the show, perhaps for the novelty and because it would be complimentary to other cast members.  The writer said to this young man, in so many words, that though he respected his Christian values, that casting the kid would be impossible if the kid's values got in the way of his sexually charged scrips.  This young man was told that if he left the Glee Project, he might be giving up a chance to be a Star. This Christian Conservative, talented young man walked away from perhaps the opportunity of a life time rather than compromise his Christian values.   Upon voluntarily leaving the show, the young man was philosophical as he said, "as one door closes, another will open" as surely it will for him.  

This young man is my hero, not because he would not kiss a girl as indicated in a script; (if I was an "actor" even with values, I would have done that in his place); but because his Christian values prevailed.  This episode reminds me of the story in the Bible when the Devil offers Jesus the whole world in riches and earthly pleasures in exchange for forsaking God and Jesus walked away to die on the cross as our Lord and Savior.  This young man walked away from riches and earthly pleasures to an uncertain future.   Just wait and see, this kid will end up on Glee anyway because the writer of Glee was so moved by this young man's compelling values that the kid will be cast on the show.  It also did not hurt that the kid was handsome and could sing and dance. 

In an another case, there is a TV commercial running that shows a older woman leaving her purse at a bus stop.  An inner city kid finds the purse and rather than stealing the contents, which might be expected, the kid literally runs after the bus to find the woman and give back her purse.   The kid does the right thing and is rewarded by a cop with a donut.   Hurrah!!  As a former teacher, this Blogger gets emotional every time I see that commercial because it properly demonstrates right from wrong. 

WE THE PEOPLE must take back our country in 2012 and 2014, not just to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States; but to restore our values.   We must take back our country to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   But we have to do even more.    In the process, we must restore the values of American exceptionalism, patriotism, private property, individualism, family, faith, hard work, honesty and morality.   We must once again help our people recognize right from wrong that is so often blurred and scorned in the left wing media.  We have lost our way; but now we are found.  We once were blind; but now we see.   We must leave a country to our children better than the one we inherited; Ronald Reagan's city on a shining hill.   We have lots of work to do.  The fight has just begun.   

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