Monday, August 22, 2011

Dealing With Poverty In America

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and through all Presidents since then, the United States has spent trillions of dollars trying to lift the poor, which includes Americans of all races, out of poverty.   It has not worked.   We have more people living in poverty today than ever.   43 million Americans receive Food Stamps.   Millions are on Welfare, Medicaid and permanent Disability.  Our inner cities, particularly in Blue States run by Socialists, look like cities in the third world.  

Inner city children often cannot read and write at grade level.   If these kids graduate from high school, which often does not occur since the drop out rate in the inner cities is very high, they leave school with no vocation and no marketable skills, even though the US spends more on public education that any other industrialized nation in the world.  Clearly, Socialist Schemes, which have wasted trillions of dollars in the last 80 years to raise the poor and disadvantaged out of poverty, have failed miserably.  Yet President Obama and his Socialists pals in Congress push for more of the same as poverty pimps attempting to buy votes to stay in power.  These Socialists, that vacation in places like Martha's Vineyard and fly there in private jets, (pronounced Mawtha's Vinnyaad), live off the misery of the poor.  This is particularly true of the Socialist Congressional Black Caucus, some of whom are outright crooks.

And, this is not just my opinion.   All the numbers support this Blogger's assertion.  The poor are worse off today than they were years ago after spending trillions of dollars on them.   This discussion is not just about economics.   7 out of 10 African American children are born out of wedlock.   4 out of 10 white babies are born out of wedlock, as well.   Drug and alcohol abuse, divorce, financial and other issues have led to families in crisis.  Many of our inner cities are filthy and rat infested.  Obviously, trillions of dollars in government money and intervention is not the answer.   If it was the answer, we should have no poverty in America by now. 

WE THE PEOPLE must implement an intervention to deal with poverty in America.   Spending more money, the never ending, Socialist solution, is not the answer.   We have to break the cycle of government dependence.   No kid should graduate from high school without a marketable skill.  We have to stop all the politically correct nonsense and recognize that not all kids are going to college.  Kids that are not college bound must be identified by the 9th grade, through testing, as is common in other countries, and sent to vocational schools to learn a marketable skill.  If it turns out that a kid is a late bloomer and decides to go to college later in life, so be it; but at least that kid will also be a plumber, electrician or carpenter.   

Only the mentally or physically infirm should be eligible for Welfare without WorkFare in exchange.   The fact that many inner cities are filthy is ridiculous when many residents living there are on Welfare.   These people should be put to work on Clean Up Brigades as the condition for receiving Welfare and/or they should be in Vocational Schools, as an option, as a condition for receiving Welfare.  Fathers who do not support their children should be put in jail.   Children living in completely dysfunctional homes should be put in foster homes in an attempt to break the cycle of poverty.  

We also need Faith Based Solutions to dealing with poverty, which is the reason the charitable deduction should never be eliminated.   The poor should be required to work to help themselves and others in poverty by volunteering at churches and other self help groups in their communities.   Socialists must stop referring to the poor as "victims".   The only victims in this picture are taxpayers required to support people that refuse to work.  It is possible to rise out of poverty with hard work, focus and discipline; but not as long as the government continues to provide a free ride with no obligations.  It is OK if one generation must work two, or even three jobs to make life better for their children.   It is much better for children to see a role model focused on hard work than one on the dole. 

We have to break the cycle of poverty.  This will  never happen as long as Socialists, including President Obama, remain in power, which is another reason we must sweep them out of office in 2012 and 2014.   Socialists are poverty enablers, which they use to stay in power.   This is one case in particular where government is the problem not the solution.  In fact, the only people who really benefit from poverty programs are the government workers that manage them.  In order to end poverty in America, we must do less for the poor, not more.   That may sound heartless; but clearly what we are doing now is not working.  Those on the dole, unless infirm or mentally incompetent, must be forced to accept responsibility for themselves and their families.  The Makers in Society can no longer continue supporting the Takers in Society because we are all poorer for it. 

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