Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RINO Jon Huntsman Jr. - Need Not Apply

Republican In Name Only John Huntsman Jr., the former Governor of Utah and Ambassador to China, appointed by Socialist President Obama, need not apply for the Republican nomination for the Presidency.  As a RINO, Huntsman is not a true Conservative.  In fact, Huntsman might be more comfortable as a moderate Democrat if there are any left in the country.  Jon Huntsman Jr. has violated the 11th Commandment as professed by Ronald Reagan.   Thou Shalt Not Criticize Other Republicans.  Huntsman has been on CNN and other left wing news outlets claiming that the other contenders for the Republican nomination are too Conservative and right wing to be elected.  

Huntsman has also been critical of the Tea Party Movement.   Well Mr. Huntsman, the Tea Party Movement is the majority in the Republican Party.   We are Conservatives not RINO's.  We must be doing something right because African American Socialist Congresswoman Maxine Waters of Los Angeles, who has been feeding at the trough for years, has told we Tea Party Members all "to go to hell".   So Mr. Huntsman, do you agree with Congresswoman Waters?   

Jon Huntsman Jr. is now the darling of MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist News Broadcasting Corporation as they continue to display Huntsman's criticism of other Republicans with glee and I don't mean the TV show.   Big Ed Schultz of the ED Show on MSNBC, that looney left wing commentator, spends half his show quoting Huntsman.  The only problem for Huntsman is that Conservative Republicans, that will be voting during the primaries, watch Fox News to get their fair and balanced opinions.   We only click through MSNBC and even CNN for a good laugh now and then just to confirm that Socialism, as expressed in the lame stream media, must be defeated at all costs.   Who knows, maybe Chris Matthews of Hard Ball fame on MSNBC gets a tingle up his leg when he hears Huntsman speak just like he does whenever Obama appears on TV. 

Here are the facts.   Ronald Reagan was 25 points below Jimmy Carter in the polls just three weeks before the election that made Carter a one term President.   The left wing media always claimed that Reagan could never be elected.  That all changed on the night of the debate when Reagan asked the fateful question of the American people, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago" when Carter took office.   Of course, the answer was a resounding HELL NO and Reagan went on to win a landslide victory.   Carter's malaise was over and it was Morning In America Again.   Ronald Reagan, that principled Conservative that could not be elected,  went on to become one of the greatest Presidents in American history.

That very same question will apply when it comes time for a Conservative Republican candidate to face Socialist President Obama in a debate in 2012.   Unless we see an economic miracle between now and the fall of 2012, which given Obama's policies is unlikely,  there will still be millions of Americans either unemployed, working part time that want full time work, or who have just given up looking for work altogether.   The US Credit rating will not be triple A as was the case before Obama took office.   43 million Americans are likely to be on Food Stamps.   Millions more will be on Welfare, Medicaid and long term disability.   Our National Debt will be about $16.7 trillion, about $6.4 trillion of which occurred as a result of Obama's reckless deficit spending that is bankrupting our country.  Social Security and Medicare will be that much closer to bankruptcy, as well.   And, China is likely to be very much closer to being the largest economy in the world putting the US in second place status.

So when Governor Rick Perry, or Governor Mitt Romney, either of whom is going to be the Republican nominee for the Presidency asks the very same question Ronald Reagan asked in 1980,  "Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago when President Obama took office", the American people will respond by making Obama a one term President.   When that happens and it will happen, we can finally end the nightmare that has been the Obama Presidency.  

In the mean time, former Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. need not apply.  Huntsman is where he is solely because his father Jon Huntsman Sr. is a billionaire.    Jon Jr. was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.   Instead, we need a straight talking, self made Republican candidate with a little dirt under his finger nails who can appeal to blue collar Reagan Democrats, Independents and both Social and Economic Conservatives in the Republican Party.   The only candidate that fits that description is Governor Rick Perry of Texas.  So Mr. Huntsman please forgettaboutit.   Go back to your country club, skiing in Utah, or maybe to Mawtha's Vinnyaad for a nice vacation.   We are looking for another Ronald Reagan, not Nelson Rockerfeller. 

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