Monday, April 18, 2011


The Gang of Six, a group of Socialist and Republican Senators is attempting to concoct a deficit reduction plan that Senator Tom Coburn, Republican from Oklahoma says "will make everyone angry".   He is probably very right because in addition to various cuts in entitlement programs and other government spending, they will also propose higher taxes on the "rich" yet to be defined.   We know that Socialist President Obama defines the "rich" as a married couple making over $250,000.   In California or New York and many other states that is probably two working professionals, Joe The Pizza Man and his wife, or maybe a Doctor and his or her spouse certainly not Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.  In these high cost states where housing is very expensive and taxes are already very high, $250,000 is middle class at best not the typical evil, greedy, rich person Socialists are always portraying through the left wing media. 

In addition to Coburn, the Gang of Six includes Socialist Tax and Spend Senators Dick Durban of Illinois, Kent Conrad of North Dakata and Mark Warner of Virginia.  Other Republicans in the Gang include Saxby Chambliss of Georgia and Michael Crapo of Idaho.  Any Republican, Conservative or not that proposes higher taxes should be challenged by a Tea Party Candidate in the next primary.  Socialists will of course propose higher taxes.   Why would we expect anything else.   Dickie Durban, about as left wing as any Senator in Congress, is introducing legislation that will allow the states to tax Internet sales, when those that sell over the Internet already pay taxes in the state in which they reside.  If that legislation is enacted, we could end up with double sales taxation on Internet sales because the state of business residence will most certainly want their cut too. 

In any case, while the top 55% of Americans pay all federal income taxes and of those, the top 10% of tax payers pay about 70% of all taxes paid, the bottom 45% (Obama's PEEP's) paid no income taxes at all in 2011.  In fact, many of them got money back from the government as a result of the earned income tax credit.  Now that is a progressive income tax on steroids.  The "rich" are not only paying their fair share; but everyone's fair share. 

Yet, Obama and the other Socialists still complain that the "rich" those making over $250,000 a year are not paying their fair share.   How can this be, since the "rich" are about the only people paying federal income taxes.  As such, this claim is completely bogus, a Big Lie and nothing more than class warfare that has no basis in fact.  And,  Socialists in Washington don't seem to understand that Americans pay various local, state and federal taxes, licenses or fees on virtually everything we do, own, touch or eat.   Even food, that in some cases technically has no sales tax applied, indirectly is taxed because the grocer passes on a variety of taxes and fees paid by the grocer in the purchase price of food.  And, as a result of ethanol subsidies that plow corn into gasoline instead of feeding live stock, we are paying higher food prices anyway because of this stupid, stupid "green" Socialist Scheme.  This is just another tax by any other name. 

Virtually every aspect of life in America is taxed; yet the Gang of Six will propose even higher taxes.   Inevitably, we might even see a push for a "small" national sales tax in this deal.   The amount bantered around Washington is "just 5%".   Need I remind all that the personal federal income tax began at about 3% and the top rate today is 35%.  It has been as as high as 90%.   And, that European countries have Value Added Sales Tax of 17 - 25% depending on country.   No, we must say HELL NO to a National Sales Tax because we have seen the end of this story.   We can't trust our elected officials.  Once a National Sales Tax is imposed, it will be raised again and again.  History is our teacher.  We will then have high income taxes and a high National Sales Tax as is the case in Europe and other countries.  Instead, Washington Politicians need to get federal spending in line with revenues.  That is the clear solution to deficit spending, not higher taxes.  It will not happen without a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, which should be the price demanded by Republicans for voting to raise the National Debt Ceiling one last time.

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee has proposed a perfectly good plan to end deficit spending and deal with the National Debt over ten years without raising taxes.  It is the Republican Plan.   Republicans in the Senate, including those in the Gang of Six, need to get with the program, or get out of town.   We can have no further compromise with Socialists.   It is compromise on spending and raising the National Debt Ceiling 24 times that has created the mess we face so much so that Standard & Poors is warning it may down grade the US Credit Rating.   As such, it is time to draw a line in the sand and run on it in 2012 and 2014.  Ryan's plan is responsible.  It may be tough medicine; but it will prevent the bankruptcy of the United States. 

We need to take back our country and it should begin with adoption of Congressman Paul Ryan's Budget Plan.  The Socialists, including the President, will never get serious about ending deficit spending because it is the basis of their power.   The National Debt has gone up 35% just during Obama's first two years in office in the name of "social justice" the Socialist code words for redistribution of income.   There is no reason to believe that Obama won't continue this disastrous course to reward his PEEP's, which is the reason we must make him a one term President in 2012.   Clearly, we must complete the job we started in 2010 by sweeping the rest of these Socialists out of Congress.   We must take back our country.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   Tell the Gang of Six, READ OUR LIPS, NO NEW TAXES. 

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