Friday, April 22, 2011

Donald Trump - Mind Your Own Business

Donald Trump, the self promoter and showman, really needs to do what Trump does best and that is make money to create jobs in America rather than seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Trump is getting a lot of attention from the left wing media because of his outrageous statements, including portraying him as a Birther questioning Obama's place of birth.   The left wing media and the Socialists would like nothing better than for Trump to be the Republican standard bearer because they know that Trump would go down in flames and Obama would be re-elected in 2012. 

Trump advocates beginning a trade war with China by charging a 25% tariff on Chinese goods entering our country.   Mr. Trump have your forgotten that the Chinese hold about a Trillion Dollars of our National Debt.   If the Chinese decide to begin selling those bonds, even if they take a loss, or stop buying our Debt, it will force the Federal Reserve to monetize the Debt by printing even more money and then interest rates and inflation in the United States will sky rocket resulting in a lower standard of living for all Americans.   Believe me, all Americans should be frustrated by the way China does business; but Trump's solution is not the answer.   The real answer is ending deficit spending so that we don't have to borrow money from the Chinese or any other foreign entity.   Trump's solution would lead to disaster and it would be quick.  Remember, he who has the gold makes the rules and for now anyway, the Chinese have the gold.

Further, Donald Trump is pushing for the United States to take over the oil fields in Iraq to recover the Trillion dollars we spent fighting the war in Iraq to free their people from Saddam's boot.   Again, sounds good; but it would require 500,000 or more American boots on the ground in Iraq.   Such American action would unify all Iraqis to fight a gorilla war against us and enrage the entire Arab world.   This action would be used as even more justification for terrorist acts against US interests around the world. 

These sound bites seem logical; but would cause chaos in our economic and foreign relations.   That does not mean that we should not be tough with the Chinese demanding that they allow their currency to rise to proper levels and that American oil companies should be given some preference in Iraq; but common sense needs to prevail not simplistic solutions that will only make matters worse.

Donald Trump really needs to mind his own business and that is keep doing business and making money.   We need to nominate a professional, Conservative Republican who is electable not take part in a three ring circus, Barnum and Bailey style, which would occur if Trump became the Republican nominee.   My dream ticket is Ohio Governor John Kasich as the Republican nominee for President and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, as the Republican nominee for Vice President.   Remember, Ohio and Florida in the last two Presidential elections.   Kasich and Rubio are blue collar, not country club Republicans, that could appeal to Ronald Reagan Democrats and Independents.   And, no one except maybe Congressman Paul Ryan knows more about the federal budget than John Kasich since as a member of Congress, he spear headed balancing the budget when Clinton was President.  In all likelihood Obama can't win without carrying Ohio and or Florida.   And, no President has been elected in the last hundred years without carrying the state of Ohio.   Trump will not play in Peoria, so please Mr. Trump take a walk and just do another reality TV program.   We don't need this side show in 2012. 


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