Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Tea Party Is Restless

The Tea Party, responsible for Republican victories across the country, in 2010,is restless and not too happy with the establishment leadership of the Republican Party. Initially, Republican party leaders proposed cutting spending by $100 Billion in 2010. That number has been lowered to $61 Billion. Both numbers are peanuts as a percentage of the $3.7 Trillion budget. Most Tea Party members don't really care if there is a government shut down if it is the only way to demonstrate to Socialist President Obama and the Socialists in Congress that Republicans in Congress mean business. In the event of a government shut down, Socialists can explain to the American people and many of their PEEP's on the dole why they did not get their checks.

We have got to get serious about cutting deficit spending. $61 Billion is not going to do it. $100 Billion is not going to do it. We should be cutting $500 Billion in spending to send a serious signal to the markets that the days of unsustainable spending are over. The Republicans should be proposing the actual elimination of many programs and agencies and the consolidation of various cabinet departments. To do anything less is a joke.

The Socialists in Washington will never cut spending as long as they can continue borrowing money and printing money to pay off their PEEP's. Big Unions got most of the Stimulus money. Very little of that money went to so called "shovel ready projects", which is the reason few if any new jobs were created by Obama's Socialist Scheme. Instead, in the last two years, more that $3 Trillion was added to the National Debt. How can any responsible elected official, of either political party, consciously act to bankrupt our country. I just don't get it.

Republicans better get the message. They should not vote to raise the debt limit without major cuts in spending and I don't mean peanuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution as part of the deal. It is time to play hard ball. If the Republicans fail to do their job to bring fiscal sanity back to government, then they should be thrown out of office. RINO's should be challenged in Republican Primaries to elect true Conservatives to get this job done. It is just that simple. We have to take back our country, which means defeating Socialists and RINO's and electing fiscal Conservatives. There is no other way.

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