Monday, March 21, 2011

Protecting The Vital Interests of the United States

In the university course, International Relations 325, this Blogger learned that the definition of a vital interest is that something is so important that a nation would ultimately go to war to protect its interests. The reason Socialist President Obama's position on Libya is so confused and tortured is that what happens in Libya is not a vital interest of the United States. Obama has stated that Qaddafi "has to go"; but we will do nothing specific to make that happen. Making this statement is ridiculous if we are not prepared to do what is necessary to make it happen. If Qaddafi happens to be killed in a bombing run, it would be coincidence; not on purpose. The reality is that what is happening in Libya is a tragedy; but similar tragedies happen all over the world. The United States cannot and should not intervene every time a tin horn dictator acts to harm the people of his own country. If we did so, we would be in a constant state of war all over the world.

Certainly, we have a moral obligation to encourage other countries that may have a vital interest in what is happening in a neighboring country to act. We might even help them act; but it is those countries that should be risking treasure and blood to stop an adjacent tyrant from harming his own people. In the case of Libya, Arab countries should both be footing the bill for this military action and in fact should be on the front lines to depose Qaddafi. The United States should instead be focused on what is happening in Mexico, our neighbor to the South because what is happening there is a vital interest of the United States. Violence in Mexico is spilling over our border. And, of course, violence in Mexico is contributing to even more illegal immigration, which is bankrupting many border states.

So instead of focusing US treasure and blood on Libya, which should be the problem of other countries in region, Socialist President Obama should be focusing our efforts on Mexico to get control of our Border and stop the illegal immigration and illicit drugs from coming into the United States. What is happening in Mexico is a vital interest of the United States; yet President Obama continues to do nothing serious to deal with the problems right on our Border. It is time to station our Army on the Border to defend our country. And if necessary, we should send Special Operations teams into Mexico, that are armed, to deal with the Drug Cartels that are the source of these problems.

Socialist President Obama will never do what is necessary to secure our Border and deal with the illicit drugs entering our country. Instead, we are wasting treasure and blood on Libya, which is one more reason we must make Obama a one term President in 2012. The President of the United States must act to protect our vital interests above all else as Commander and Chief. Obama has proven every day since taking office that he is ill prepared to do the job. Obama is clearly Jimmy Carter II, the Ditherer and Chief.

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