Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Energy Scheme - Same Old Same Old

Socialist President Obama recently attempted to change the subject from Libya to Energy Policy. The problem is that Obama's Energy Scheme is same old same old as gas is nearing $5 a gallon in many areas of the country. Obama is singing the same old song Socialists always sing. Big bad oil companies are evil, greedy, villains. The reality is that the price of all energy is based on global supply and demand and to some degree instability in the Middle East, which is driving up prices. But since Obamanistas never learned the lessons of Economics 101, they just don't get it. Obviously, while Obama talks a good game and says he favors using US energy sources, the Environmental Protection Agency, under Obama's direction, makes it difficult if not impossible to drill for oil or natural gas, mine for oil shale or coal, or build new nuclear plants. So while China is doing all of the above to meet the needs of their growing economy, the United States continues to talk about energy independence; but does little to make it happen. Obama pushes "Green Technology" by providing billions in government subsidies to support wind, solar, ethanol (which is not really green), other bio fuels etc. that are not economically feasible today and will not be feasible for years to come. Obama wants to impose a carbon tax to make the cost of energy based on oil, coal, oil shale and natural gas more expensive to make Green Technologies more feasible. This crazy Socialist Scheme will result in a lower standard of living for all Americans and the loss of millions of jobs. China is implementing a long term plan to become energy independent, while Obama and the United States continues to dither. It is time for the adults in Washington to get serious about energy independence. The instability in the Middle East should be a wake up call that we will continue to be dragged into wars there as long as we are dependent on that region for oil. It is time for the US to implement an energy policy that is focused on making our country energy independent. It is estimated that we have a two hundred year supply of natural gas and coal. We should be investing our time and resources to make these energy sources into cleaner technologies since we have them in abundance and they are economically feasible today rather than chasing wind mills. Obama keeps pushing electric cars, which are not really feasible today and high speed trains that cost billions. But even if they are feasible, where does the President think the electricity will come from to power those cars or trains. The electric plants needed to power electric vehicles, or trains in the numbers needed to eliminate emissions from these vehicles must be powered by either oil, natural gas, oil shale, or nuclear energy. It can't happen any other way in the next 20 years. Solar and wind are a pipe dream right now. President Obama, the Socialists in Congress and their environmental wacko supporters just don't get any of this. They live in another universe where hope is a strategy when in fact hope is never a strategy. We need a common sense 50 year energy plan that takes advantage of the natural resources of the United States in an environmentally sound way while we develop the technologies of the future. There is no other way. This will not happen as long as Socialists control any branch of the federal or state governments. So for the good of our country and our people, we have to sweep these Socialists out of office in 2012 and 2014 to restore economic growth and job creation in America again. This will not happen as long as Socialists are controlling the agenda. It really is that simple.

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