Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Obama Docterine - A Slippery Slop

Socialist President Obama, who has spent the last two years denying American exceptionalism, declared that the United States attacked Libya because our country is "different". By that, the President stated that the United States can't stand by and watch injustice, or innocent people be murdered; so after a month Obama acted to save lives in Libya. This would be admirable if it was true. Dictators in Syria, North Korea, many countries in Africa, Bahrain, Egypt and Iran have been murdering their citizens seeking freedom for years, including the two years Obama has been in office. Does anyone believe China would not do the same if "harmony" in China was disrupted. So what the heck is the Obama Docterine? Is the President suggesting that the United States should start firing cruise missiles any time a tin horn dictator starts abusing its country's citizens. If that is the case, we better start producing a whole lot more cruise missiles because we would have to attack many countries each year. This is a slippery slop. Of course, the United States should do what we can to stop the murder of innocent people; but we can't be the world's policeman. Instead, we should impose sanctions, freeze assets, encourage others in region to act and even help them; but it is inconsistent to attack one country and ignore the others doing the same thing. Besides, we are BROKE thanks to our elected representatives in Washington. Most important, the Obama Docterine, if it is a docterine, is unworkable because it would require immediate action in another 4 or 5 countries right now. And, as Colin Powell once said, "if we break it, we own it". No one knows what will happen in many of these Middle Eastern countries if their dictators are deposed. We could end up with a worse situation than exists now. President Obama is so naive and inexperienced that it is scary. Obama is the Ditherer and Chief, really just Jimmy Carter II. I never thought I would say it; but given the choice, Hillary Clinton would have made a far better President. Hillary Clinton is more experienced and decisive than Obama. No Drama Obama is afraid to make decisions. In this particular case, the so called Obama Docterine is tortured and incohent. It is just not logical. This is just one more reason we must make Obama a one term President in 2012. Obama just does not seem to understand the geopolitical impact of his actions.

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