Monday, March 21, 2011

The Arab League - Where Is It?

The Arab League asked Socialist President Obama to impose a No Fly Zone on Libya. No Drama Obama finally got permission from the United Nations to move forward. Obama would not take action unless sanctioned by the "International Community", which really is a hand full of countries. To date, the United States and primarily Britain and France and a few other European countries have probably already spent $500 million imposing a No Fly Zone on Libya, presumably to protect Arab Moslems from certain death by Gadhafi's paid mercenaries. It is projected that it will cost $9 Billion to keep this up for 180 days that the US will have to borrow from foreign countries adding to our National Debt. So basically predominantly Christian countries are risking blood and treasure to protect Arab Moslems, many of whom hate us.

Where is the Arab League is this deal. Qatar is sending 4 American made jets to participate in this mission. But where is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Kuwait and Bahrain all of which have sizeable squadrons of American made jets. Most important, why aren't the oil rich countries, especially Saudi Arabia paying for this whole deal. And, why isn't Egypt, right next door to Libya sending in its well trained army to protect their Arab Moslem brothers. Once again, it is the United States trying to bring order in the Middle East; but this region is a quagmire and this may only be the beginning. The reason the Arab League is not involved in a meaningful way is that most of these countries are run by dictators not much different than Gadhafi. The "leaders" of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are attempting to buy off their people right now; but if that does not work and protests continue, they will use force to stay in power. Then what?

If Arab League Members are not going to actively participate to save Arab Moslem lives, President Obama should send oil rich Arab countries in the Middle East the bill for this military operation in Libya. Their failure to participate says a whole lot about Arab Moslem values. The Judeo Christian ethic mandates that we move to protect and save lives. Apparently, no such ethic exists in the Arab Moslem value system, even when it is their own brothers at risk, which is very troubling. The United States has no national security interest in Libya. Libya only contributes about 2% to the world's oil supply, which is not enough to make this fight a vital interest of the United States. This is especially true if Arab countries will do nothing to protect the lives of these people in Libya. Why are we there when most Arab countries are run by tin horn dictators that will kill their own people to stay in power?

No Drama Obama waited weeks to take action, making the US look weak. Now that we are in, Obama is insisting that others lead this mission. Like who? Most important, it will probably be impossible to oust Gadhafi, without ground troops invading Libya. Obama has stated in no uncertain terms that the US would not position ground troops in Libya, which is the right decision. But, if not us then what country is lined up to send ground troops in to finish the job. President Obama does not have the experience to play on the world stage. Working with other countries is not the same as being a community organizer. Obama has again stepped into a mess. Just wait and see, the next President of the United States, hopefully elected in 2012 to replace Obama, will have to deal with the mess left behind by No Drama Obama.

P.S. Hillary Clinton will not serve a second term as Secretary of State, if Obama is re-elected because she is tired of Obama, the Ditherer and Chief. Let's face it, Hilly is a lot tougher than Obama.

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