Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's Green Economy

Socialist President Obama continues to push his "Green" economy Socialist Schemes while China brings on one new coal plant a week to provide electricity to support their growing economy. It is important to realize that Spain went "Green" by funding all kinds of subsidies for wind, solar and other technologies, that are not feasible today and it bankrupted their country. Certainly, the private sector in the US should pursue research and development related to wind, wave, solar, bio fuels etc. to eventually supplement, or perhaps replace carbon based fuels; but since none of these technologies can meet our needs today, it is ridiculous to push this strategy instead of developing current energy sources.

Mr. President, can we please have an adult discussion concerning a long term, 50 year energy plan for the United States instead of pie in the sky. Obama claims he wants to create jobs. First of all, government does not create jobs. If anything government destroys jobs by excess taxation and regulation. Only the private sector can create real jobs and only if the government gets out of the way. Reliable, cheap energy is the key to a growing economy. Raising the cost of energy to support Obama's Green Socialist Schemes will result in a lower standard of living for the American people and more jobs going overseas. The Chinese get it. They are pursuing all energy sources at once and so should we. To avoid carbon based energy sources like coal and oil, we should be building nuclear plants all over the United States to power those electric cars and high speed trains Obama wants to build. Yucca Mountain in Nevada should be turned into a giant nuclear reprocessing facility that would take care of the storage issue and create thousands of jobs by making nuclear waste "renewable". All of this can be done safely and in an environmentally sound way as is happening in France and other countries.

The United States has enough natural gas to power our country for decades. If anything the private sector should be given tax incentives to maximize the production of natural gas and to develop a distribution system much like the gas stations on every corner. President Obama is a young, naive and inexperienced college professor and community organizer who has never worked in the real world. Obama does not have a clue what it takes to create jobs, which he demonstrates every day by actions and words. More government spending, what Obama calls "investments" will only add to our National Debt and actually destroy jobs.

We have to make Obama a one term President to get this economy going again by electing Conservatives that support free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and less regulation, a balanced budget, term limits, real energy, education and health care reform, a strong national defense, including securing our border and fighting Terrorism, the right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and family values that are the foundation of our nation. This is the platform supported by the majority of the American people and the only way to restore economic growth and jobs in our country. Obama's Green Socialist Schemes will in fact retard the growth of our economy.

Most important, we must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by electing Conservatives, who will adhere to the Constitution, as written by our Founding Fathers, not as contrived by the left wing media, Socialists in the last 98 years, our current or former Presidents, Congresses, or the Courts. President Obama's policies are a clear and present danger to our nation. WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say HELL NO to the environmental wackos and Obama's Green Economy that is a job killer. We must take back our country. We can do it. We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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