Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pelosi Vowed to Drain the Swamp

When Democrat Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco took control of the House of Representatives, she vowed to "drain the swamp" presumably to end Republican corruption and shenanigans. What a joke! That was then and this is now. Many Democrat Socialists are involved in scandals so much so that they are now looking up from the swamp. New York Democrat Socialist Congressman Charlie Rangel had to give up his Chairmanship of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, in charge of the nation's tax policy because he failed to pay his taxes; go figure. New York Democrat Socialist Congressman Eric Massa just resigned because of charges of sexual harassment of a male staff member. Democrat Socialist Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana was indicted for taking bribes and hiding the money in the freezer of his refrigerator.

And then, there are the Democrat Socialist Governors Rod Blagojevich of Illinois who attempted to sell Obama's old Senate seat and David Paterson of New York, who apparently used his office for influence peddling. But let's not forget the worst offender Presidential candidate and former Democrat Socialist Senator John Edwards, who had an affair while his wife was dying of cancer and then tried to cover it up by having an employee admit to fathering the child of Edwards' mistress. It does not get much worse or sleazy than the Edwards story.

Of course over the years Republicans have had their scandals too; but again is was Pelosi who sanctimoniously said she was going to "drain the swamp". Well it is pretty clear that the Democrat Socialists are in the swamp up to their eyeballs. Let's also not forget about all the big union corruption that is inherent in the Democrat Socialist Party along with ACORN and all their shenanigans including voter fraud. It is not a pretty picture, that's for sure.

That's OK. The day of reckoning is coming along with a tidal wave that will sweep the Democrat Socialists from office in 2010 and 2012. We must take back our country in 2010 and 2012 by electing common sense Conservatives that support limited government, lower taxes and regulations, a balanced budget, term limits, energy independence, a strong national defense, the right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and family values. We are going to drain the swamp. We can do it. We must do it.

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