Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama's Poll Ratings Sink To All Time Low

President Obama's approval ratings in the polls have sunk to an all time low. Gallop has the President's approval rating at 46%. Obama's approval rating with Rasmussen is even lower at 44%. Is it any surprise? Obama supposedly ran as a Centrist; as declared by the left wing media to help get Obama elected; though in fact that was never the case. President Obama is a secular Socialist attempting to govern a center right country that is opposed to his Socialist agenda. The President is not just a traditional tax and spend liberal, which would be bad enough; Obama is purposefully acting to redistribute income in every way possible and to bankrupt the United States in order grow the government even bigger to control our lives. What other conclusion can there be?

Obama's SwindleUS Plans, HealthScare and CAP & Tax legislation have nothing to with economic recovery, health care or global warming. These monstrosities are really about higher taxes, redistribution of income, bigger government, support for unions and more control over our lives. Obama actually wants to control our standard of living by making all equally poor in the name of "Social Justice". Further, Obama is using Executive Orders to achieve what he can't get done in Congress, in order to implement his Socialist Schemes. President Obama is a Socialist ideologue with a nice smile; but he is fooling no one, which is the reason his poll ratings continue to fall.

And then, there are the people Obama has appointed as judges and to jobs in his Administration, which is full of left wing radicals and even Communists. Democrat Socialist Attorney General Eric Holder is going after CIA agents that have defended our country. Instead of trying Terrorists in Military Tribunals, Holder wants them tried in Federal courts, which will jeopardize the national security of the United States. Many in the Obama Administration are so far out of the mainstream of America that they cannot possibly act in accordance with the tenets in the US Constitution, or in the best interests of the people of the United States. All should be very concerned about the radicals surrounding the President; that's for sure. These people are a clear and present danger to our nation and our freedoms.

We need to take back our country in 2010 and 2012 by electing Conservatives who support free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and regulations, a balanced budget, term limits, a strong national defense, real energy independence, the right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and family values. This is the winning platform. President Obama's poll ratings indicate that a tidal wave is coming that will sweep the Socialists out of office and the sooner the better. We need to get our country back on the right track in 2010 and 2012. We can do it. We must do it.

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