Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama's Version of No Child Left Behind

President George W. Bush worked with Senator Kennedy to craft No Child Left Behind to improve our public schools. Bush got a little bit of accountability in the bill; though not much, and Kennedy got a lot more money for public schools to reach agreement on this deal. As soon as we get through HealthScare, President Obama plans to focus on Education and No Child Left Behind. The teacher unions did not like No Child Left Behind because after failing for years, there was the possibility that failing schools would be closed, however, it is doubtful that many closures ever occurred. As such, No Child Left Behind was just more pork barrel spending like all government programs. In essence, President Bush got rolled by Senator Kennedy just like his "Read My Lips" father who raised taxes and then was not reelected to a second term.

In any case, President Obama, the anointed one and a legend in his own mind, believes he was elected to solve all the nation's problems in 24 months or less. So shortly, Obama will advance another Big Government Socialist Scheme to deal with the nation's failing public schools. Though the United States already spends more on public education than any other nation in the world, no matter what the language of the bill says, it will boil down to Billions more for public schools, more federal control and deficit spending that is bankrupting our country.

In addition to the billions already provided to public schools each year, there was $3.5 Billion more in Obama's SwindleUS Plan. Obama included $900 million as an incentive for school districts to change failing schools. There was $50 million to deal with drop out prevention. All of these monies over the years have gone to hire more teachers, administrators, counselors etc. and at much higher salaries and pensions that are bankrupting our country. And, it's funny. There is a direct correlation between the rise of teacher unions in the last 30 years and the demise of our public schools. Go figure.

The fact of the matter is that teacher unions, as lead by the NEA, the National Education Association with their headquarters within blocks of the White House own the Democrat Socialist Party lock, stock and barrel. Generally, 50% or more of participants in Democrat Socialist National Conventions, every four years, to nominate a Presidential candidate are teachers. As I once heard old Senator Sam Irvin of Alabama once say during the Watergate Hearings, "Whose Bread You Eat, Whose Song You Sing." Teacher unions along with other public employee unions donate hundreds of millions of dollars each year to elect Democrat Socialists. Teacher unions are Obama's PEEP's. As such, does anyone seriously believe that there will be any meaningful reform in public education? What a joke! Any discussion of reform is just cover to provide even more money to support teacher union members. It is what it is.

If we want to see any improvement in public schools, teacher tenure must be ended so that poor teachers can be FIRED, using normal procedures in the private sector, which provide sufficient legal protections against unfair labor practices. Merit pay should be implemented to reward fine teachers; but it will not happen because unions oppose Merit pay as "unfair". School Vouchers should be provided to parents with kids in failing schools so that they can send their children to private schools just like most elected politicians, including the President and Mrs. Obama, in Washington DC. We have to end the modern day slavery that exists today as poor children are held captive in failing public schools to support the new Master, teacher unions.

Sadly none of these things will happen as long as Democrat Socialists control both the White House and the Congress. We must take back our country in 2010 and 2012 by electing common sense Conservatives who support limited government, free market capitalism, real reform in public schools, lower taxes and less regulation, real energy independence, a balanced budget, a strong national defense, term limits, the right to bear arms, the sanctity of life and family values. This is the winning platform. We must take back our country to get our nation back on track. We can do it. We will do it.

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