Sunday, August 12, 2012

Obama Economy - Hostile To Women

While President Obama and his Socialist pals in government continue to focus on allowing unrestricted abortion and contraceptives for women, paid for by the Catholic Church, in violation of their religious tenets, in the name of women's rights, millions of women have lost their jobs as a result of the Obama Economy.   The poverty rate among women is the highest in American history, up from 13.1% to 14.5% since Obama was elected.  The percentage of women in extreme poverty has grown from 5.9% to 6.3% of the population. 

Unemployment among women has grown from 7.1%, when Obama took office, to 8.1%, or about 5.9 million women and that does not include those that are under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether.   When those groups are added in unemployed women are in the total of about 25,000,000 unemployed Americans.    Most of these people are in the Middle Class, the very group Obama claims to protect and defend.  On Really?   

How is that Hope and Change working for women in America; about the same as it's working for all Americans.  Obama's economic policies have lead to misery, poverty and a lower standard of living in America.  But, it really should be no surprise because Socialism where ever and when ever it has been tried in the world has always produced the same miserable result.   So while Obamanistas choose to focus on unlimited abortion and forcing the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives to working women, Republicans need to focus on getting more women in America back to work.  Well dah!  

The fact is that all Americans, including women, are worse off today than they were four years ago when Obama was elected.   And, if Obama is reelected this downward spiral will only continue and get worse.  We have to get our fiscal house in order to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.  The only way to do that is to make Obama a one term President and sweep Socialists at all levels of government out of office in 2012 and 2014. 

We must elect Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States and gain Republican control of both Houses of Congress to get our country back on track for the sake of women and all Americans and to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life.  We must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.   We can do it.  We must do to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States and the loss of our national sovereignty.   The next time you speak to a woman defending President Obama, just provide the facts.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  The numbers related to women in America, as a result of the Obama Economy, are dismal.  

P.S.  To donate to Mitt Romney to make Obama a one term President, just go on and click on Donate.  Once on the page, look for the line that says, I know my Referrers Information, click on that box and type in 8544, the National Freedom Forum Referral Number to make our voices heard.  Give as much as you can to take back our country.      

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