Sunday, August 19, 2012

Creating An Opportunity Society

In order to create an Opportunity Society, we must roll back 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country.   The election of 2012 is a crossroad for the American people.   We are either going to elect Mitt Romney, who is committed to limited government and an Opportunity Society.  Or, Socialist President Obama will be reelected and he will continue his drive to "transform" America into a big intrusive government, Socialist nation with more and more people dependent on government for their food and housing.  If we go down the Socialist road, it will be at the cost of our freedom.   If Obama is reelected, we will see perpetually high unemployment, a higher poverty rate and a lower standard of living for all Americans.  That is the European story and there is no reason to believe that it will not become the American story if Obama is reelected.   We can't let that happen. 

Instead, we must recreate an Opportunity Society.   The place to start is our failing public schools.   We must get back to basics in our public schools and make sure that all students are either college bound, or that they leave high school with a marketable job skill.   Today, most of the money going into public schools is going to pay teachers and administrators high salaries and unsustainable pensions.  Obama and his Socialist pals in government want to continue this road to failure.   Instead, we must end collective bargaining for all public employees that is bankrupting our states and in the case of public education put kids first.  We have to stop all the politically correct curriculum and make sure kids learn to read, write and do math.  Kids and parents in failing schools must be given the option of School Choice and vouchers to get their kids into performing private schools.   We need to end teacher tenure so that poor teachers can be FIRED.   We need merit pay for excellent teachers to reward success.   In other words, we need major education reform that will never happen as long as Socialists, owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher unions, remain in office.  

Next, we must roll back years of Socialist regulations that are strangling our economy.   Obama's Environmental Protection Agency, a job killer and the Gestapo, must be turned into the Environmental Solutions Agency to work with business to find ways to do business without polluting our air and water.  This means a whole new approach to dealing with the environment.   A new ESA should be run by can do people, rather than can don't people.   There are thousands of other regulations, including 11,000 more imposed by Obama's Executive Orders, that are killing jobs and making it difficult to do business in America.  All of these regulations have to be eliminated to unleash the engine and talent in our economy.  

Finally, energy is the key to economic growth and job creation in America.   We must implement a 50 year plan to make the United States energy independent.  That means an all of the above plan that includes more oil drilling, oil and gas shale, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear energy, bio fuels and wind and solar power, when they are economically feasible.   This would not only create millions of jobs, our goal must be cheaper, cleaner energy to bring down the cost of energy, which is both key to manufacturing in America and a higher standard of living for the American people. 

We need major tax reform to grow our economy.  The United States now has the highest corporate income tax rate in the world at 35% federal and averaging 6% state.   This encourages American companies to push more jobs overseas.   Our federal corporate income tax rate should be no higher than 20% to encourage American companies to keep more jobs in the US.   And, we need a flatter, fairer personal income tax code.  Instead of raising taxes on small businesses, Obama's plan, we must lower income taxes for everyone by eliminating loop holes and all by charitable deductions.  

Most important, to create an Opportunity Society, we must bring down dependence on the federal government.  Obviously, only those that are mentally or physically disabled should be on Disability benefits.   Those that can work; but won't work should not be provided Welfare.  Entitlements must be reformed, both to save Medicare and Social Security and to prevent the bankruptcy of our country.   If we do all these things and get back to limited government as was intended by our Founding Fathers, we will see significant economic growth and job creation again in America as we focus on building an Opportunity Society, rather than Obama's big government Dependency Society.  

None of this will happen if Obama and his Socialist pals in government are reelected in 2012 and 2014, which is the reason we must sweep them all out of office in 2012 and 2014.   Instead, we must elect Mitt Romney that next President of the United States and gain Republican control of both Houses of Congress to get our country back our track.   We must focus on building an Opportunity Society, rather than Obama's Socialist Dependency Society.   We can do it.  We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  We have to make Obama a one term President to get the job done.  It will not happen any other way.   

P.S.  To donate to Mitt Romney's campaign, just go to and click on Donate.  Once on that page, look for the line that says, I know my Referrers Number, click on that box and type in 8544, the National Freedom Forum Referral Number to make our voices heard.  Give as much as you can to take back our country.         

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