Friday, July 20, 2012

Senseless Crimes & Murder In America

Once again, we see a senseless crime and mass murder in the United States, this time once again in Colorado in a theater.  A deranged gunman went into a theater in Aurora, Colorado and murdered 12 people and wounded 59 others.  This is a tragedy; but it is important that we draw the right conclusions from this senseless act of violence.   At some point, once the tears subside, Socialist President Obama and his supporters will use this incident as an excuse to call for more gun control and limiting of Second Amendment rights. 

The reality is that this act of violence has nothing to do with the gun that was used by the murderer.   Millions of Americans own guns; but obviously they don't go out and murder people.  Further, the Oklahoma bomber that destroyed a federal building, killing and injuring many people, did not use a gun; but rather deployed some kind of fertilizer bomb.  Violence is not about guns at all.  In fact, if the objective is to murder many more people, a gun is not the most effective means to accomplish the goal.  Bombs, various gases and poisons could kill far more people when used by a determined madman.  And, then there was 9/11 when Terrorists used airplanes as the weapon of mass destruction. 

More often than not these murderers come from dysfunctional families.   There is usually some family basis for this lunacy.   Children that are raised in healthy, loving families are much less likely to commit crimes, unless perhaps they suffer from mental illness that is not environmental.   And, these murderers don't just appear one day without signs early in life.   If parents are dysfunctional, then schools must do a better job of identifying kids that may suffer from mental illness, or that have experienced child abuse, sexual molestation, or bullying at school, which is also often the basis for these crimes later in life. 

In many ways, this horrible crime is a by product of the culture war that is going on in our country.   There is good and evil in our society and we must be prepared to say so.   There is right and wrong in our country and again, we must be prepared to say so.   Hollywood glorifies violence in the movies and on TV so for many deranged people murder is make believe.  These issues are crystal clear, yet there are apologists in our country that attempt to rationalize anti social behavior as a result of poverty, discrimination, or for many other reasons that are phony baloney.  Kids must be disciplined when the do something wrong.  This doesn't mean beatings; but it should mean meaningful penalties to teach right from wrong and good from evil.  As a Christian, this Blogger believes that the devil if often at work in these murders.

It is hard enough to raise kids in a loving family with a Mom and a Dad, which is the best chance of success.   Single parent families are much more likely to live in poverty.   Having children out of wedlock, a Hollywood common practice, is not a good thing; not only because as many believe it violates religious tradition; but because it often leads to dysfunctional parent/child relationships.   These dysfunctional families are more likely to produce dysfunctional kids.  Well dah!

Of course, you will never hear this common sense from President Obama and his Socialist Pals in Congress because it may be offensive to many of their PEEP's, but this truth is obvious and can be demonstrated by many studies that draw my conclusions.    If the government has any role to play in all of this, it is to support normal, healthy, two parent families as the foundation of our nation and to rate violent movies and TV as inappropriate for kids under 18. 

Both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney live that traditional family life; but Mitt Romney is much more likely to stand up for traditional family values, perhaps because of his Mormon background, which is one more reason, we must elect Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States.   When Nancy Reagan took on the drug problem, by saying "Just Say No", the lame stream left wing media laughed at her as being simplistic.   President Mitt Romney will stand up and say, Just Say Yes to the traditional family because it is the foundation of our nation.   We will never hear those words from Socialist President Obama. 

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