Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama & The Crisis Of The Day

Socialist President Obama's former Chief of Staff Raum Emmanuel made the infamous statement, "Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste", which by implication meant always use a crisis to raise taxes and expand the role of the federal government.  Could it be a coincidence that ever since Obama was elected President, we have gone from one Obama made crisis to another.  Obama claimed that our health care system was in crisis and we got that monstrosity called ObamaCare, enacted by the Socialist Congress without one Republican vote, in the middle of the night.  ObamaCare raises various taxes, expands the size of the federal government and cuts Medicare benefits for senior citizens to provide health care to 30 million Americans that already were covered by Medicaid.   Though health insurance premium cost too much, there was no crisis. 

And, then we were told if Obama's trillion dollar, deficit spending SwindleUS Plans I, II and III were not enacted that the Recession would turn into a Depression with much higher unemployment.   So once again in the dead of night the Socialists in Congress enacted this deal to pay off their PEEP's, primarily public employee unions and those on the dole.   Of course, while Obama promised us that official unemployment would top out at 8%, it went to more than 10% and is today at 9.2%, or really 17% if all our counted.   Obama finally admitted that all those shovel ready projects did not exist.  

Now and because the Socialists in the Senate have not enacted a federal budget in more than 800 days and Obama keeps borrowing $4 billion a day to fund all his Socialist Schemes to pay off his PEEP's, we have a National Debt Ceiling Crisis.   The fact is that Obama has added $5 trillion to the National Debt in less than three years he has been in office.   The highest annual amount of deficit spending during the Bush II Administration in eight years was $450 billion, which by comparison is chump change.   Obama is running three or four times that amount with deficits of $1.5 trillion each year.  Obama is bankrupting our country.  Regardless of what happens related to the raising the National Debt Ceiling, the rating agencies will soon downgrade the US Credit Rating from AAA to probably AA, which will not only result in higher interest rates for the American people, the federal government's cost to borrow money will increase by billions of dollars each year.   Thank You Mr. President.  

The left wing media, President Obama and the Socialists in Congress need a good crisis to get their PEEP's, those that pay no income taxes, those on the dole, public employee and other union members and favored industries to both go to the polls and contribute to their campaigns.  Every crisis is about class warfare and scare tactics to frighten senior citizens concerning Social Security and Medicare.   We see this same old story every election season.  

The problem with Obama's man made crisis's, ever few months, is that this management style has destroyed the tranquility and stability necessary to economic growth and job creation.  This constant state of agita (stress) is bad for business.  This national stress, along with high taxes and an increase in crazy regulations, are preventing American companies from investing money in America.  Hence the reason unemployment is so high and our GDP is now just 1.28%.  Of course, Obama does not care because high unemployment makes more people dependent on the government, his goal.   43 million Americans are currently on Food Stamps, a record number.   Millions are collecting extended unemployment benefits.   Millions are on welfare and Medicaid.  These are all potential Obama supporters, which is music to Obama's ears.  Let's face it.   Socialists are poverty pimps.   Socialists live off the misery of the Takers in society.   This is how they win elections.  

The problem is that we will not see economic growth and job creation again in America as long as Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are still in office.  These Socialists are job killers.  It really is that simple.  As such, to get our nation back on track, we have to sweep these Socialists out of office in 2012 and 2014.  We have to end the constant state of Obama made crisis's to create a tranquil, stable, pro-growth environment that will give American business the confidence to invest in America again.   We have to take back our country.  We can do it.   We must do it preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   We have to end the Obama Presidency to end the agita that we all feel.    

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