Monday, July 25, 2011

Compromise Is A "Dirty" Word

Socialist President Obama, in advancing his Socialist agenda related to the raising the National Debt Ceiling, complained that compromise has become a "dirty" word in Washington.   Damn right!  By compromise, what Obama is talking about is his plan to raise taxes on the American people by another $1.2 trillion in the next ten years, which Republicans have wisely refused to do.  Obama really wants the tax increases to allow him to continuing trillions in deficit spending to pay off his PEEP's.  Obama is absolutely right.  Compromise is a dirty word because it has led to 100 years of Socialism that is bankrupting our country.  As such, there can be no more compromise with Socialists that will contribute to the destruction of our country.   Enough is enough. 

It is funny, Obama argues for compromise to get his way; but did not care about compromise when the Socialists controlled Congress.   Not one Republican voted for ObamaCare and few if any voted for Obama's SwindleUS Plans.   There was no compromise, or bipartisanship on ObamaCare, or Obama's trillion dollar SwindlePlans.  Those programs were crammed through Congress by Socialists in the dead of night without members of Congress even reading the bills.  Then Socialist Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi said they had to enact ObamaCare to know what was in it.  That had to be the most ridiculous statement ever uttered by an American politician and believe me there have been many, many stupid statements made by American politicians over the years.   Remember, Jimmy Carter.   

In any case, Social Security as a product of compromise, is a case in point.   When enacted in 1933 by the Congress and Socialist President Roosevelt, it was supposed to be a supplementary program to assist senior citizens with retirement, who at that time died on average at 62 years old.  Social Security was never intended to be a sole source of support in retirement.   But then what happened.   As a result of compromise, Social Security benefits were extended to people that paid little or nothing into the system.  The minor children of Social Security recipients receive Social Security benefits until they are 18 years old.  When one spouse dies, the other spouse receives the higher of the two monthly benefits.   Many senior citizens today live to be 85, or older, receiving benefits for many more years than was ever envisioned when Social Security was created. 

Social Security is not actuarially sound, which is the reason it is going bankrupt.  The retirement age for full benefits must be raised to 68 and cost of living adjustments must be limited.  By the way, originally Americans contributed just 1% into Social Security, capped at the first $1,400 of income.   Today, that percentage, which includes Medicare contributions, is 7.65%, capped at $90,000 of income.  That does not include the matching employer contribution, which has become a job killer. 

Food Stamps were put in place as a short term remedy during the Great Depression.   Today 43 million Americans are on Food Stamps.   In bankrupt California, the state runs ads on radio encouraging people to apply for Food Stamps by telling them it does not matter if they own property, or have assets, that they still can qualify for Food Stamps.  California's Program is called CAL FRESH as though it is some health food program.   

Medicare is bankrupt.   If Medicare is not reformed now, which must result in Means Testing and higher premiums and deductibles, for all seniors able to pay, including those currently on Medicare in addition to future recipients, this program will not be around 10 years from now.  Of course, this is already happening in one way or another; yet the Socialists make it sound like Republicans want to pull the plug on granny.  This Blogger is just sick and tied of all the Socialist lies we hear from Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress every day.   They are out right LIARS. 

We also see the impact of "compromise" related to various government programs.  Today, we have 2.65 million civilian federal employees working in more than 1,300 redundant, wasteful departments, agencies and commissions.   We see all sorts of wasteful redundancy in various programs.   It just happened again.   The federal government has always had a Consumer Protection Agency.   Recently, Obama created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Why on earth do we need both?  Upon review of the long list of federal government entities and programs, there are many examples of this redundancy that is bankrupting our country.  And, under Obama federal government spending has risen to 25% of GDP when it should be no more than 17 or 18% of GDP and maybe that is too much.   This rise in spending, all paid for with deficit spending and borrowing, is the end result of "compromise".

Compromise is indeed a dirty word.   No more compromise with Socialists as we take back our country.  In fact, we  need to roll back 100 years of Socialism by saying NO to all of Obama's Socialist Schemes.  WE THE PEOPLE must act to prevent the bankruptcy of our nation.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life.   We have to say NO to Obama.  We must make Obama a one term President to save our nation.   That means no more compromise with Socialists. 

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