Sunday, October 24, 2010

Socialist Jerry Brown - Back To The Future

Jerry Brown, at 72 years old, is the Socialist Candidate running for Governor of California AGAIN. Brown served as Governor of California for two terms from 1975 - 83, more than 27 years ago. So this is a back to the future story. Brown is quite a character to say the least. The son of California Governor Edmund Brown, Jerry originally went to the seminary to become a Catholic priest. Brown soon gave up that vocation, went to law school and has been a career politician his whole life serving as Mayor of Oakland and now as California Attorney General. While Brown has the political credentials to be Governor, he was known as Governor Moon Beam while he was in office because he was so far out of the mainstream. This guy is really weird. It was also Jerry Brown that appointed Rose Bird to the California Supreme Court, who was so left wing, that she was impeached by the people of California.

Most important, Jerry Brown is owned lock, stock and barrel by the public employee unions.
It was Brown that signed the legislation allowing collective bargaining for state employees that has created the financial meltdown that is bankrupting the state of California. Many California state employees can retire at 55 years old at near full salary and medical benefits for the rest of their lives. California has a $100 billion dollars of unfunded pension liability in addition to annual deficits of billions of dollars. Jerry Brown is as much responsible for this mess as any politician in California. And, even though California spends billions on primary and secondary education each year the California system is among the worst in the nation thanks to teacher unions.

If Jerry Brown is elected Governor, once again, which just may occur, it is highly unlikely that Brown will be unable to control spending by the Socialist controlled legislature. The public employee unions control the legislature too. Hopefully, the people of California will elect Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for Governor. Whitman is the former CEO of E-BAY who built that company into a power house. While moderately Conservative, Whitman is a middle of the road Republican that has a better chance of making the changes needed to save California.

California has been losing jobs for years as people and companies have left the state as a result of high taxes, crazy employment practice laws and environmental wacko regulations. Socialist President Obama wants to transform the nation by following the the California model, which failed miserably and would be a disaster for our country. California has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation at nearly 13%. California is bankrupt as a result of the public employee unions gone wild and various entitlement programs that are unsustainable.

The choice is clear on November 2 for the people of California. They can either go back to the future and elect Governor Moon Beam, Jerry Brown. Or, they can elect Meg Whitman who is prepared to kick butt to restore economic growth and jobs in California. If California has any chance of stopping the fall to bankrupcy, the state must elect Conservatives who support free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and less regulation, a balanced budget, term limits and real energy independence and health care reform. This is the way to restore economic growth and jobs in California and the nation. This blogger can only hope that the people of California, that are registered 2 - 1 Democrat/Socialist rather than Republican, see the light. If things don't change in California and quick the golden state will be no more.

P.S. All elections are national. Go on National Freedom Forum Candidate Endorsement section and donate to Meg Whitman's campaign.

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