Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Terrorism In America - The New Normal

Sadly, Terrorism in America is becoming the New Normal as we see mass killings regularly.  Afterward, there is always the call for more gun laws; but that will not solve the problem.  Recently, we saw a deranged man murder several people at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado.  And then as of this Blog Posting, two or three killers (to be determined) entered a government facility and murdered many people and wounded others.  Clearly, the threat from Radical Islamic Terrorists is real and it is in our country.  But,  Terrorists come in all political ideologies and or can be disgruntled employees, or family members that go postal. 

For that reason, we all need to be vigilant to make sure that the environments we live and work in are secure.  Some time ago, we had a deranged bi-polar woman, going through a divorce from one of our employees, come into our office with a knife.    Fortunately, no one was hurt, but as the CEO of our company, that was a sign for me that we had to go to lock down mode.  As a result, all of our offices now have card key entry and camera surveillance so we can see what is happening all around our surroundings.  My first job as CEO of our company is to protect our employees from harm from any source; but particularly from work place violence.

Specific to Terrorism implemented by Islamic Radicals, or others for political or ideological reasons, we have to make soft targets harder targets.  Schools in particular should be no go zones.  While we can't make schools prisons, it is just too easy for anyone to walk on most campuses.  Schools have to built with security in mind.   Shopping Malls need more armed guards and cameras to detect anything and everything that is going on at their premises.

Government buildings must all be secured and anyone entering should be required to go through metal detectors and show identification.   We already have thousands of gun laws on the books, so more gun control is not the answer because those that want to murder innocent people will just find another way to do it, if they can't buy guns.  Instructions for making bombs are all over the Internet.  Lethal chemical agents are all around us. 

The only way to stop the murders is through more vigilance that does not involve giving up our freedoms.  Let's face it.  There is Evil in America that has come from many of the societal factors that we face.  We see many dysfunctional families.  Millions of Americans can't find jobs.   Children are growing up in single parent families often with little supervision.  Religion and faith are derided by a secular society.  The Poverty Rate is the highest it has been in three decades.  Alcohol and drug abuse are rampant.   Public schools are failing to educate many of our kids.   Why would anyone be surprised to see Mass Killings when there is so much societal dysfunction all around us like never before.   



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