Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama's Green Jobs

Socialist President Obama told us that if he borrowed and added $90 Billion to our National Debt to spend on his Green energy "investments", it would create 5 million new jobs.   What we got instead so far is several billion dollars in wasted tax payer money as many of these Green companies, Obama's supporters, like Solyndra, that could not get financing any other way without government guarantees because of poor viability, have filed for bankruptcy. 

And, after committing $90 Billion to Obama's failed Green Energy Policy,  it is now estimated that less than 200,000 Green jobs have actually been created.   This is an incredibly poor return on our investment.   Obama's Crony Capitalism has been a dismal failure.   Crony Capitalism is designed to pick winners and losers; but in Obama's case he has mostly put our money into losers that donated to his Presidential campaign. 

We need an all of the above energy plan to make the United States energy independent in the next decade.   In doing so, to restore economic growth and job creation again in America, our goal should be cheaper, cleaner energy, from all the sources available in the United States, not more expensive energy, which is Obama's goal to limit American use of energy.  

Obama's EPA, the Gestapo, is destroying manufacturing in America by raising the cost of energy and imposing new regulations.  The EPA is  out to destroy the coal industry by making it impossible for coal companies to meet new regulations.   As a result, many coal companies are closing down, which will cause the cost of energy in the Mid West, in particular, to go up dramatically. 

Mitt Romney is committed to American energy independence, not only important to our economic growth; but also to our National Security.   The last thing we should be is dependent on governments in the Middle East, or Venezuela that hate us and would kill our people given the chance.   We must change this paradigm, which will not happen as long as Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress remain in government.   As a result, we must sweep these Socialists, at all levels of government, that are bankrupting our country, out of office in 2012 and 2014. 

We must elect Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States and gain Republican control of both Houses of Congress to get our country back on track.   Green jobs are great if they make economic sense in a free market economy.   Green jobs don't make sense if they must be subsidized by the American taxpayer.   

We must take back our country in 2012 and 2014 by making Obama a one term President.   We can do it.   We must do it to preserve our freedom, our nation and way of life for the sake of our children and grandchildren.   In the mean time, as long as Obama is in office, all tax increases must be opposed.   Giving Obama even more of our money to waste on Green Jobs is just plain dumb. 

P.S.  To donate to Mitt Romney's campaign to make Obama a one term President, just go to and click on Donate.   Once on that page, look for the line that says, I know my Referrers Information, click on that box and type in 8544, the National Freedom Forum Referral Number to make our voices heard.   Give as much as you can to take back our country. 

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